Friday, April 8, 2011

Outside School

We've had some amazingly warm days here despite our chillier nights and mornings, and it's just too hard to stay cooped up inside when we know the winter rains are racing towards us.

Rather then stay inside I surprised the boys and brought our books and pencils outside along with our picnic quilt.

The upside of doing our school outside was that we had a few unexpected visitors: a few birds who wanted our cracker crumbs and then carried on when we stopped reading, a fuzzy little caterpillar who wasn't keen on being picked up, a parade of ants who were quickly led astray when we blew on them, and the neighbors cat who was only brave enough to peek through the hedge at us.

Not only was the view amazing, and the sun warming, but the boys had a kick out of pogo sticking or trampoline jumping while I was reading aloud to them. I'm pretty sure we utterly confused our neighbor between the many conversations we were having, but they're probably use to it!

The boys were busily discussing their Bible lesson while I ran inside to check the phone call that came through. I don't usually answer the phone during school hours because generally it's clients looking for Mr S, but I do check my mobile when a txt comes through because only my mother-in-law and my husband generally send messages to it. I came back outside and this was the sight that greeted me, I couldn't resist snapping a photo.

Here's our view to the back. I'm sure you're thinking "how quaint.." but seriously that garden needs help! The ivy has taken over and the bushes all need a good trimming, anyone want to help with that little job?

Before we got started I requested all horses be tethered to the hitching post. You keep your horses on gates too, right? Those little stick horses get quite the workout around our house..

This is the bush the birds were twittering at us from. Remember the blackbird we rescused last year? It still comes to visit us {or so we presume it's the same one} and it's quite brave about coming close to us, and even tries to eat our dog's food.. It loves perching on this part of the fence and staring at us while we're outside. If we're inside he'll come right up to the door and stare at us.

We found ourselves staring at the sky a whole lot on Thursday {our final school day of the week} while we were wrapping up. If we'd had any wind we'd have gone down to the beach and flown our kites.

The boys dutifully drawing the pictures from the day's Bible lesson. The boys really love their Grapevine Bible studies. I'll have to share more about it this fun program. We've had some beautiful weather this week, unfortunately we're looking at a week of rain starting first thing in the morning..

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