Saturday, April 2, 2011

Narnia & Mr Tumnus

Okay, so it's true that Lucy is by far my favorite, but we all ready established that. Mr Tumnus holds a pretty high place with me too. Not because I was so taken with him that I couldn't wait to meet a faun myself, but rather I think it was the way he was always so kind to Lucy. Plus, he was her very best friend!

Anyway, after reading about their tea party we decided to make our own Tea Party cake. We were actually going to make the delicious Happy Ending Plum's cake from a fun mystery series {Mom's only kinda series..} but while flipping through The Narnia Treasury from the library I stumbled upon a recipe for Mr Tumnus' Sugar Topped cake.

The book is truly a treasury if you enjoy the Narnia series. We found a copy online for 60 pence and it's currently rushing it's way towards us. We can't wait for our own copy to arrive! The book has a small synopsis of each of the seven books in the Narnia Series. It has break downs of who many of the characters are, a few fun recipes in the back, and an entire section about C.S. Lewis in the front complete with pictures. Did you know Lewis went to school with Tolkien?

Jayden was quite impressed that the man had himself called Jack. Why? Jayden's initials happen to be JAC.  When he's feeling really naughty, or creative, or in need of being different he asks us to call him Jac. That said, it REALLY beats the days where he'd only respond to the name of Wendy. Yes, really. It's true! At the ripe old age of 2 his charming 4 year old brother decided they should play Bob The Builder. Yep, so Jayden was dubbed "Wendy" and for days he'd only respond to Wendy. Now, if you will, imagine walking through the grocery or local department store and your 2 year old son is walking along side you and you say, "Now Wendy.."

Anyway.. back to the cake. We tried for three days to make this yummy looking cake only to be led astray for many reasons. So Thursday afternoon we whipped it up. Only.. well.. I think there's a few typos in the recipe! You see for one thing the recipe calls for butter and the instructions call for olive oil. The recipe only has butter, flour, sugar, ginger and egg in it yet it says to pour it into the prepared pan. You're not gonna be pouring that anytime soon! We added a dash of milk so it wasn't that thick, but it still wasn't pourable. Regardless, it was a huge hit. The recipe said you could serve it warm or cold, so while we had our tea we popped it back in the oven on the lowest possible setting to heat up. It also said you could serve it with or without cream and to many people in this house that means, "If you can why wouldn't you!" So we topped it with cream and a dusting of cinnamon. {For the record, we subbed coconut sugar for the sugar called. I debated using honey or maple syrup, but because there was no other liquid to reduce I became concerned about it. COnsidering it was such a raving success I may try it again with the substitution..}

We still have a few things left in our Garage Sale if your interested!

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