Friday, April 1, 2011

Narnia Crafts

We've been having a really slow week here, academically speaking, but we've pulled out some creative genius this week for sure.

We had some wooden people left from a grand plan we had in December to make our own Nativity set. We got caught up in using the newest Nativity we'd acquired and so I tucked the wooden people away for using this year for that project.

Only, I'm a total Narniac. You know that means right? Of course you do! Surely you're a Narniac too, right? I grew up hearing the Narnia stories read to me and they are stories I've quite honestly never forgotten. Stories like that tend to be extra special when you share them with your own children.

The other day we pulled our wooden people out and turned them into the four Pensive children, and why not! We had ourselves a grand time debating what clothes we'd make them and how we should make some little fur coats to hang in the wooden wardrobe we're making {no pictures yet as I still need to get some hinges for it} and how we'd make hangers to hang up the coats and on and on. Unfortunately the pretty clothes we'd hoped to make for these little wooden people were limited greatly by the amount of felt I had. Using cotton is a lot more difficult because there's a rectangular piece of wood for a tum on each little doll. It's quite wide compared to the legs which makes getting skinny neck holes and such on them hard work! So felt we went with. Personally, I think the yellow one should be Lucy because she's shorter {no idea why}, but we really intended her to be Susan and the purple one to be Lucy. Lucy was always my favorite... The girls hair was really funny. I cut gobs of string and laid it on the counter. Squeezed hot glue all over their heads and rolled the heads in one direction to get the hair laid on neatly. It wasn't neat when I was done, clearly, so I trimmed it up a bit and you should have seen the look on Morgan's face!

The boys pants were far trickier then the girls dresses. I nearly lost my hair trying to work out the pants. It seems really simplistic, right? Now remember that they have a rectangle tummy. Peter is in the red, and was the second one we did, I think his pants look better. Edmund is in the green and you can clearly see his rectangular tum under his shirt, right? We used a bit of brown paint for their hair, a sharpie for eyes, and a regular red texter for their lips. Their lips faded in 24 hours time after hard work around Narnia!

This is not the wardrobe we're making from wood. It was a simple paper craft I found online and printed out for the boys. Unfortunately, our printer ran out of ink after spitting one copy out so there was a small discussion over who'd get this particular one. You know, after we settled who'd get which Pensive child. That little wardrobe above doesn't open and it's not really big enough for the kids to fit inside anyway, but we had fun putting it together and imagining if we'd be as brave as Lucy..


Kylie said...

These are delightful...will you be adding in some of the other Narnia Characters?

Kendra said...

Kylie, yes.. we have one wooden person left and have opted to make her the White Witch.. I want to get some more because I want to make Mr Tumnus and Mr & Mrs Beaver.. The boys wanted me to make Aslan, but we have a large toy lion that I thought I'd locate to be him instead as Aslan never waked on two feet in the books and things. ;) So far we're working with book 1, we've been reading 1 chapter a day, but we're just not 1 chapter a day people so we'll be reading it at a quicker pace this coming week! :D

Kylie said...

Well they look fabulous. Narnia is on our reading list this year too.