Friday, April 15, 2011

Mr Scarecrow's Birthday..

Today is Mr Scarecrow's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Mr Scarecrow! In honor of Mr S's birthday I dug up some scarecrow fun to share with everyone.

No, we're not really having a scarecrow birthday around here. More like pizza, cake, games, and family. Family board style games, not dress him up like a scarecrow and see if he can keep the birds away kinda games..

We did however use one of the items below to conceal a chocolate in for his birthday. Yes, we did write Mr Scarecrow on it, because we're funny like that. This, my friends, is what happens when you go by one too many names..

How about some coloring and handwriting practice at the same time? Twisty Noodle not only has cursive papers, but they've also got printed ones as well. We're linking up to their scarecrow paper, but they have heaps to choose from.

Got an herb garden, potted garden, window box garden or seedlings planted? Check out this cute little scarecrow! You color him in, cut him out and glue/tape him to a straw and stick him in your garden area. Super simple.

How about a paper bag puppet? You could stuff him with some popcorn for a tasty treat when you're done! Not only can you find the printable pattern over at Preschool Activities, but you'll find a whole bunch of other scarecrow resources too!

How about cupcakes? It is Mr S's birthday after all! Aren't those cupcakes cute? I'm loving the shredded wheat hair on them. You can find step by step instructions over at The Party Animal, complete with photos to guide you as you go!

Cookies more your thing, then how about these cute and well decorated sugar cookies? Ingenious use of sugar wafers. I might have to let Morgan make these, as he loves sugar wafers, and yes we have found some sugar free ones I purchase once in a blue moon. 

Here's a really simple one, a candy bar wrapper. Laurie Furnell has a freebie one to simply print, cut, and attack to the candy bar of your choice. We had to expand our's just a tiny bit to fit the one we bought, but I'm pretty sure Mr S won't mind too much!

How about this really cute scarecrow which you can color, cut and assemble so he has wiggly arms and legs? I know a little boy who will adore doing this craft.. Come on, tell me that Scarecrow isn't cute! You can find his body here and the legs and arms here.


Edwena said...

Is there a reason you call him, Mr. Scarecrow? Just wondering:)

Kendra said...

LoL Edwena, here's the answer. :)

Edwena said...

LOL. Thanks for directing to the info. Cute story.

Treasured Chaos said...

could you please tell me where you found the last "moveable parts" scarecrow...I found a color version after my kids finished coloring and cutting out the one you posted (thank you very much btw) and sort of tweaked him for a class game. I've linked to your post if any one wants the original b&w (Google images links to you) but would love to know where he came from! Your welcome to check out our project at
I might have criticized his gloves...sorry about that...I've seen a few too many scary movies!

Kendra said...

Treasured Chaos, the Scarecrow came from Grandma Lowe's website: Enjoy :)