Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Narnia..

In our Narnia travels we stumbled upon the book The Magical World of Narnia for a few pence.  Yes, pence as it was being offered up by someone from the UK. I'm not sure if this book is still in print or not, but if you're a Narnia fan it's worth hunting down used!

This gold mind arrived in the mail during a week full of rain. In fact, we knew it was coming and were avidly watching the mail because our mailbox is not waterproof. Thankfully the book arrived in watertight packaging, and much to my children's delight it had the stamp from an old cheese factory on it.

Either we were delirious from lack of sun or there's some joke about cheese I'm unaware of because the amount of laughter over that stamp was unreal!

The book had the boys so enthralled they didn't notice that I drove all the way to town, battled construction work in the rain, only to turn around and come straight back because I'd missed Mr S somewhere along the way and he'd all ready hopped on the ferry!

The book has all sorts of fun games to play just for fun or if you want to have a Narnia party. Jayden has decided a Narnia party for his birthday would be heaps of fun, especially if everyone dressed up like their favorite Narnia person.

There's masks for some of the famous characters as well as patterns to make things like shields, the White Witch's Crown, and so on. There was much discussion about this Aslan mask; and I think it was decided that Jayden would use it. All though, I think we'll just copy it on to stiffer paper so that if it rips he can simply make another one when at a later time.

Morgan prefers the Mr Tumnus mask, but it's set on the crease of the book, so I hope it copies well enough to be able to use. I'm not sure how that will work though..

There was a lot of squealing when they spotted the music to Mr Tumnus' song in the book as well! There's also short skits/plays for the books & recipes included as well. Very fun book indeed!

The part that excited everyone equally? The fold out game board in the back of the book! We'd really really love to get the Narnia game board, but it's not sold locally and the shipping for it from most places is just outrageous! This makes for a really fun alternative!


aly in va said...

My girls would love such a book. Thanks for sharing...and we're also doing a Narnia themed birthday next month for my then 7 year old. So far though we've only decided on the cake :(

Kendra said...

Aly, the book has game ideas in it. :D All though we have a few tucked up our sleeves all ready, like pulling out the bows and arrows for target practice to be like Susan.. and perhaps pin the tail on Mr Tumnus and so on. ;)