Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grapevine Bible Program

I've mentioned our Bible study a few times, and just couldn't resist sharing a bit more about it because we truly enjoy it. My kids have enjoyed it so much that they get very excited when it's Bible time and often lament if we don't do it in a day.

We're currently using Grapevine New Testament Bible study guide. The curriculum is set up to be non denominational so you can add what you feel is right from whatever denomination/religion you may be.

The suggestions from the publisher is that you have a concordance, Bible dictionary, and a white board. I honestly think they are all optional. That's just us and we've been using this program a while.

second half of a lesson from the TM
A lesson consists of a few things. For us here's what we do for each lessons:

  • We discuss the questions from the end of the prior lesson
  • We do a timeline review {past three stories where you draw stick figures on the timeline to represent what you previously learned}
  • We read the story from the Bible {there's also a paraphrasing in the TM if you'd rather use it}
  • We draw a picture for each major part of the story
  • The boys ask questions or we simply discuss what we know

I don't fuss with the memory verse{s}. Why? We use the Memory Box and each of those verses is in our memory box so the boys are either all ready working on it or all ready know it. It also gives them that "ah-ha" moment because they'll say, "Oh, that's like the verse that says.." A bit sneaky? Maybe, but it works for us.

We use to take it a lot slower, doing one timeline review and one complete story over a week. There was nothing wrong with that theory, and because we did the curriculum has lasted us quite a while. However, we've decided to pick up the pace! Mostly because I'd like to make it through the New Testament and back into the Old Testament again. Jayden remembers major stories from the OT like Noah and Moses and Joseph, but some of the lesser like Elijah and Elisha aren't ones he knows because he was considerably younger when we did them with Morgan.

So why don't I think you need a white board? Well, in the past we've always used our whiteboard. I draw the picture the boys copy it down. However, while doing our school outside I simply laid down the TM and showed them the picture while I read the story from my Bible. This worked just as well, so if you haven't got a white board I wouldn't fuss with it.

It's really a simple program and the boys really do enjoy it. Every 12 lessons or so there's a review lesson where there's something like 30 or more questions based on the stories you've learned over the past 12 weeks. The boys love answering the questions trivia game style, so we're considering turning one of our remaining blank board games into a Bible trivia game based on all the things we've learned from this program! We'll see how that turns out.

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