Monday, April 25, 2011

Glimpses of Easter

Sponge Cake; We layered lemon curd between the layers
pan prepared for our chocolate crown of thorns
chocolate melting
chocolate covered pretzels; a novelty for some
Who licked the chocolate bowl?
Easter Cake covered in whipped cream with our chocolate crown of thorns atop
Easter Goodies
Annual reading of Benjamin's Box & opening of Resurrection eggs
More Easter goodies..
even more Easter goodies..
extra mini pouches {I made them even smaller then the instructions} for storing Easter goodies
I love those cowboys, don't you?
Hot Cross Bun dough
the carnage begins..
Morgan's stamp kit from Christmas for some special Easter wrapping
Morgan's bunny wrap for Nana's Chocolate
Hot Cross Buns, finally.. only three hours later then expected!
Even more goodies
Eating easter goodies while Nana continued the search for her own hidden chocolates...
Narrowed it down to the garage.. 
The only thing I found in there was a Huntsman.. moments before I ran screaming from the garage..
lots of Mighty Beanz playing happening.. before we decided to weigh them and compare sizes/weights...
One cheeky chocolatey grin!

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