Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fraction Fun

I decided to plunge into fractions with Jayden this week. Morgan all ready has a great grasp with fractions. He can draw them, he can read them, he can follow them in a recipe. We still need to work on adding and multiplying them, but for now I figure he's pretty well grounded. In fact, we're awaiting a Life Of Fred book on Fractions for Morgan.

Jayden, on the other hand is still a newcomer to fractions. He understands concepts like half, and doesn't fumble too badly with fourths. Outside of that he hasn't done much work, which is okay for now. I have been collecting ideas and games and other fun tidbits to use with the boys this year on various math things.. like fractions!

Last week I told the boys to drag out the dominoes because we'd use them for math. I'm telling you, dominoes are so handy for hands on math stuff! We have a large bucket full of them in the game closet and we pull them out all the time!!

We ended up using this Domino Fraction page to work on fractions. The idea was that the kids plucked out a domino & added the pips on the dominos together. That number instantly became the denominator. That was good math vocabulary practice for Morgan, and an introduction to the word for Jayden. Then they used the two sets of pips for the numerator.  This was a well liked idea, but next time I need to weed out certain dominoes before playing. You know, like the ones with 0 pips on one side! And for the record, no Jayden is not in pj's he just decided to keep his pj shirt on because it was dogs and he loves dogs and when you're homeschooled you can get away with wearing your pj shirt to school.. sometimes.

While the idea came from a first grade teacher, I felt my fourth grader could get some use of it too. After all, when you consider the vast amount of dominoes we have he was bound to come up with fractions that weren't common and he wouldn't normally see, use, write, or hear. Which gave us the opportunity to  point out that while we wouldn't use such fractions in the kitchen while baking he might use them if he was working with wood or a scientist.

The idea is completely and totally not mine! I got the idea from Fraction Action over at Teachers Pay Teachers {TPT}. I had a coupon in the store and cashed in on a couple of inexpensive math packs that had a lot of hands on games for topics I wanted to cover with the boys right now. The packet is loaded with thirteen different activities involving fractions, and the boys have all ready eyeballed plenty of them that they really can't wait to try out.  I don't think Morgan would need to do them all, nor do I think he'll learn heaps from each of the activities, but I really did buy it with Jayden in mind. However, review never hurt anyone, did it?


Diana said...

That looks like fun! Bug doesn't really need hands-on math / manipulatives. Sometimes he gets more annoyed than anything with them. But this might be something he'd enjoy.

And I wouldn't have even thought anything of Jayden wearing his PJs! You are homeschoolers after all! (One of my favorite pictures of Bug from K year is him working with a whiteboard with a big piece of pizza in his mouth! LOL)

Heather said...

Oh man Kendra! I wasn't going to get that packet...now you went and showed me something cool inside.


; )