Monday, April 18, 2011

Footy Season

Mr S is just under six feet, check out how long that scarf is!!
As most Aussies know, the Hawks footy club makes it to Tasmania for 4 lowly games a year. Lowly as those 4 may be, they are a huge deal here in Tasmania. People are always wearing their footy colors on the weekends, but when the Hawks are in town most people don't miss a chance to wear whatever colors they feel best represent their team.

Mr S is an avid Hawks supporter and has been forever and ever. Needless to say he tried to convince us all that the Hawks were the best ever team in the AFL and that we should all go for them above any other team.

Okay, so Jayden fell for it hook line and sinker and backs Mr S up all the way, no matter what. He's also an avid Hawks supporter and wear his colors with pride {all though if you live in the Tassie area and found a size 12 hawks zip up jacket would you mind returning it to us?} and is delighted each year when footy season stars. In fact, he's desperate to play himself, but we've always nixed it because most of the children's games appear to be played on Sunday which really annoys me to no end, but that's a soap box better left for another day..

Morgan, on the other hand, was not convinced and has decided that the Cats are the way to go. He has one very proud Uncle who is kind enough to supply Morgan with a bit of Cats paraphernalia now and again. In fact, that's how Morgan scored his very first Cats shirt which he wears with pride and guards very carefully from Mr S.

I, on the other hand willingly cheer on the Hawks when they are playing, but Mr S is on to my liking of the Saints. Which all started with their underdog need to win a final.. I'm still holding out hope they might win one and then I can probably let the whole need to cheer them on go..

That said, the boys are finally old enough to be able to sit through a game and we treated our family to tickets for all 4 Tassie games. In fact, if you want Hawks tickets in Tassie it's pretty much the only way to go or you're not likely to get a ticket at all. Sad, but true. There was a whole lot of excitement to know that the Hawks were playing on the same weekend Mr S had his birthday and there was even more excitement over knowing we were all going.

Better yet, they won, and there was much rejoicing! Jayden was in awe, Mr S nearly took 4 rows of people out with his ridiculously long scarf as he waved it around in glee. I admit to being hoarse from cheering and only getting a few laughs at some of the American type things I shouted.. you know like, "de-FENCE" and "Get OUT of the red zone guys!!" Which caused Mr S to come to a complete stop with his silly scarf and say, "What?! What on earth is a red zone?" I quite very nearly missed a goal in my attempt to point out what the red zone was.

We were right behind the goals and that flag there is the Hawks "end zone" club. They are one spunky bunch of fans who led the crowd in many chants. Gotta say, I always find it neat that in the AFL people still shake hands after a match. In fact, despite it's more rough and tumble ways I think that sportsmanship wise it's a pretty good game which made for a delightful Saturday afternoon!

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