Thursday, April 28, 2011

ANZAC In Pictures

ANZAC Memorial in town 
Morgan with his very large sprig of Rosemary; no idea what he's doing with his mouth
Part of our Rosemary laid on the memorial; the boys divided it up and left some on each side
New addition this year; we're not sure as we didn't attend the service but we believe each color stands for the war the fallen solider fought in. We also suspect these might be newly "fallen" soldiers.  Or Soldiers who died on home turf.
Another new addition this year; representing those fallen in WW II & the Korean war.
The water clock is always a fun distraction after our moments of sombreness 
Morgan, reading the time; Jayden assessing how it probably works
Can you see the shadow? That's how you know what time it is!
Home again, home again to make our ANZAC biscuits. 
Notes: Incase you missed it on the Facebook page. There's a typo on the recipe card. It should read 1 cup of dates not 11! 

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