Friday, March 18, 2011

Turn The Tide

Turn The Tide
Every Christmas I buy the gang a new game or two each. I usually have an idea of what I'm hoping to get them by the middle of the year, which was true this past year too. Unfortunately, finding them on our small island is a whole different story. So sometimes we settle for something else. This year, was one of those years. I couldn't find the game I was after for Morgan and in the end spotted this fun game at a local shop and went with it instead.

This game was given quite the workout over Christmas and New Year and then was put in the game closet while we broke in other games. While spending those eight hours sitting in an empty house waiting for a very tardy phone man to show up we played a few rounds of Turn The Tide.

The game is really quite simple, but allows children to work on their greater then and less then skills. It also takes a bit of strategy to play too.

No idea what's up with Jayden's look in that photo!
A complete game can take just long enough to fully sunburn your back, or, according to the rules, is played in 5 rounds. You deal out an even amount of cards for each player, and one of the beauties of this game is that you can play with up to 5 players. The idea is to keep all your life preserver tokens, or to at least have more then anyone else at the end of a round because that's where your points come from.

Weather Cards
Each card you are dealt will have a number on it, and I'm just going to say that if the hand above was your hand, you're probably not gonna win the round! Anyway, for every whole life preserver you have you get to take a life preserve token. For every 2 1/2 tokens you get you also pick up one. {We get to put some of that fraction work to use just in setting this game up!} Once everyone has sorted their cards and collected tokens the real fun begins. And in some cases, the confusion as well..

Tidal Cards
Within each round you get 12 chances to keep your life preserves. The above cards are called Tide Cards. You can see by the #2 card that the tide is quite low, but by the #9 card your sheep has started to float off. By the #12 tidal card your poor sheep has little chance of survival!  These cards are what make or break your life preserves. The idea is to play a card in your hand that will obtain you either the lowest possible card or neither of these cads. Most people play for the lowest card, I play to obtain none. The person stuck with the highest tidal card has to flip a life preserve upside down. Once your life preserves are gone, you're out of the round and even risk negative points!

Game Set up
In the above photo all the blank life preserves have been "lost". I'm not sure why Morgan appears to only have one, he may have removed his "lost" ones from the playing area. The game is really quite simplistic to play, but can cause slight confusion because you obtain low number tidal cards by playing high number weather cards {the ones in your hand}. One of the things I really enjoy about this game is that at the end of each round you pass the card in your hand to the player on your left. This allows everyone to have a go at each hand of cards that was dealt out. This also allowed me to prove my theory that you can indeed play for none of the tidal cards no matter how "pathetic" your hand was deemed and still come out on top.

We picked our game up from a local shop, but we also snagged the last copy of it and I didn't notice anymore last time we were in there. I think Board Game Geek & Amazon sell it, but I don't think they ship them overseas. However, I did notice that 3 & Up Games had it listed, all though I've never ordered from them before.


Phyllis said...

I just looked it up on US Amazon and it has it for $15. I put it on my wishlist.

Diana said...

I love your game reviews. We are trying to play more games as a family - so it's fun to find games that mom and dad like as well as the kids! :)