Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project 365: Week Ten

I'm a bit late with this past weeks photos, life's been busy in our little patch. Better late then never though, right? You'll have to ignore the poor lighting and blurriness of most of the photos this week..

Monday, March 7 -- Buster, our dog. I was laying on the couch trying to keep my feet out of the way of the show the boys were putting on and this is the look I got from the dog. Honestly, my full sentiments were with him considering the kids were playing more with the stuffed pups then the real one..

Tuesday, March 8 -- After reading The Bravest Dog Ever the boys were fully taken with sled dogs. We read about lead dogs, point dogs, & wing dogs. The boys layed the chairs on their backs to use as sleds, and after a few hours of play and shouting things like, "Mush!" or "Break" they decided to tie stuffed pups on their sleds. This didn't last long because they discovered they couldn't use the sleds as they had before. 

Wednesday, March 9 -- Yes, it's a terrible picture, but I couldn't resist using it. Our dog is incredibly patient with the little boy who loves him so very muchly. In fact, it was Jayden who picked Buster out of the local Dog's Home. He was very specific that we had to get a black and white dog. As normal, our hounds in need of homes make some terrific pets. We've never owned anything else, and honestly I'm not sure I ever would. But there's a soap box I won't indulge right now..

Thursday, March 10 -- A new gadget. Mr S and I have discussed a tablet for the computer for some time, but haven't actually made good on the idea. Mr S, however, found one at an incredible price and was delighted to come home and find it had arrived in the mail! We were then treated to some funny drawings, and of course everyone had to give it a go.

Friday, March 11 -- Early morning sunrise. Our mornings are getting chillier and darker the farther into autumn we move. I woke up at my normal time on Friday and was amazed to see I'd actually woken up with the sun. Unfortunately it caused a great hamper on my walk while I waited for the sun and fog to rise.

Saturday, March 12 -- We spent an uneventuful Saturday laying in an empty home awaiting the arrival of the very tardy phoneman. There was little to do in Nana's new home other then play a few card games, watch a video via the Macbook, play a game of hide-and-seek {no one found Mr S or I because we accidentally hid at the same time and the kids thought it was all a big joke!}, and eventually sit down outside and watch the boats pass by. The Goliath is a regular visitor in our neck of the woods as it makes it's way up to the cement plant.

Sunday, March 13 -- I actually think this photo was taken on Monday, but anyway the story is too funny not to include in our photo a day post{s}. You see, we spent all day Sunday moving my mil's belongings into her new abode. When I pulled up on Monday morning with Mr S, his eldest brother, and my two kids I realized my mil's toilet brush was still in my car! Her driveway was blocked by a neighbor and I had to park a few car lengths away. When Mr S asked if I was going to grab the toilet brush I told him no. In fact my exact words were more like, "Uh, no. It's your Mum you carry that thing! I'm not walking past all her neighbors who are looking out their windows cuddling her dirty old toilet brush!" Mr S, being the wise man that he is, didn't argue the fact. Nope, instead he said, "Well I'm not carrying it!" So, my bil opened the door grabbed the brush and then proceeded to wave to every single neighbor as he strutted up the sidewalk while saying, "Yes, hello I'm just holding my mother's toilet brush. Hi, how are you, yes this is Mum's toilet brush!" 

As if my kids weren't laughing hard enough all ready there was a neighbor in her small veggie area doing one thing or another and when he waved to her the fits of laughter caused both boys to double up with laughter. It didn't end there though! We proceeded around to the front of my mil's home, and she must have been preoccupied in the back of the home because there was no answer to our knocks, bell ringing, pounding, and shouting. Which of course, attracted people on the walk track nearby and others in the village. Yeah, so my bil turns around and starts scrubbing the outside windows all the while saying, "Don't mind me Mum I'm just here with your toilet brush!" My children completely lost it, and so did Mr S and I. As for my mil, I'm not sure she quite knows the whole truth, you know.. until the phone man finally arrives installs her phone line and she logs on to read this.. Then we might all be in hot water!

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