Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 365: Week Nine

Monday, February 28 -- We played a whole lotta Blokus this week between Jayden, Morgan, & I. This game was such a hit during the week that we had a big family game of it over dinner on Saturday. Good times, all though my threats to put little boys on bathroom duty for a week did nothing to help me win the final game...

Tuesday, March 1 -- Okay, so it's a terrible photo, but this is what greeted us this month, and may I just say that our kitchen was so full of laughter it delayed the normal morning routines for a good five minutes. The only thing funnier then our Bible Tale this month was the boys first depiction of it until we reminded them who shaved the sheep, as they felt perhaps the snake had done it.

Wednesday, March 2 -- Homemade Chocolate Mint Sandwich cookies. Mr S made a complaint a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day that there's never enough sweets in the house, in particular biscuits/cookies. For Valentine's Day I bought him a cookbook with something like 1001 different recipes for biscuits, bars, and muffins in it. He gets to pick the treat that I'll make. Ironically he was overwhelmed by the choices so I picked these, which I knew he'd love, and made them.

Thursday, March 3 -- There was some kinda major sale at the Beanie Kid store don'tcha think? I walked into the lounge room to find Jayden had spread out his "Nana Quilt" and set up shop. I'm still unaware of what was on sale, but whatever it was more Beanies flocked to the register and the poor little snowman was run of his fuzzy little feet until he cried out in despair, "Shop's CLOSED!"

Friday, March 4 -- Chicken Pot Pie! This was a long awaited dinner that Morgan requested for his birthday, but that week we had a humid streak and it seemed insane to turn the oven on for as long as we'd need it. Plus, we took him out to dinner. While the boys watched a math video Friday afternoon I whipped up the pie, on top was more pie crust shaped like cute little lambs. The pie was met with tears because poor Morgan had apparently wanted to help make it.

Saturday, March 5 -- The three year quilt is finally finished and looks terrible in this photo! Which is what happens when you try to hang it from a curtain rod while the receiver is trying to run off with it. Our first winter in Tasmania I worked on making a Morgan a Pirate Bear quilt which turned out adorable. I made my niece a quilt from the same pattern but left of the pirate theme. The intentions were to make Jayden one just like it but turn the bears into puppies and thus use puppy dog print all around it. When I pulled all the material out to finally sew it together it appeared as though I was missing many precut squares. In total desperation to move it off the pile of projects I revamped and we did the above pattern instead. Jayden is so happy that he can snow snuggle up with a pin free quilt. Trust me, it's not really crooked despite the depiction in the above photo!

Sunday, March 6 -- Piles of lapbook bits on our kitchen table. I spent the evening cutting these out and separating them into two piles; one for each child. Can you tell what we're studying this coming week?


Phyllis said...

The Iditarod!
It looks like an absolutely lovely week!!

alecat said...

Okay .. I've just had my very first go at Blokus online (via the link you posted). What a fun game!

Kendra said...

Phyllis, yes! :D You're so smart!

Alecat, the board game is very addictive.. :D