Saturday, March 19, 2011

Project 365: Week Eleven

Monday, March 13 -- Mr S treated us to the Despicable Me DVD much to our delight and it came with free minion stickers. I couldn't resist slapping them on my MacBook. The boys were delighted to wake up and discover what I'd done.

Tuesday, March 14 -- I had to wait on the sun again before I could nip out for my morning walk. When Buster and I made it to the beach we were treated to this. Can you see the mountains off in the distance? It was gorgeous and I had to snap a photo to come home and share with the sleepy heads when they finally woke up.

Wednesday, March 15 -- Silver Dollar! You have no idea how delighted I was to spot this small amount on the walk track on Wednesday! I went so spazzy the dog thought I was playing some kind of new game and was quite excited until I permitted him to sniff what I had in my hand. I'm still not sure where this was growing because all I found was this small piece of it laying in my path, but I did bring the small bit home.

Thursday, March 17 -- Our St Patrick's Day rainbow of fruit. The "yellow" at the base was suppose to be out gold coins, and at the price of $9.98 a kilo for bananas {I paid $5 for 3 wimpy bananas} they certainly are quite like cold! Yes, that's a shamrock tablecloth which has bee no the table since the week after Valentine's Day. We kinda like to get in the spirit of things around here..

Friday, Mach 18 -- We took a nature walk down at the beach and found many awesome things including a new sea marble! Just before my camera decided it needed recharging I was able to snap this photo. I had it in the wrong mode so you can only just barely see the lighthouse way up and around the bend. It's actually a good distance from us, but we enjoy spotting it from our little corner of the beach.

Saturday, March 19 -- Our rainbow of candles from St Patrick's Day. I found this beautiful pack of rainbow tea lights at Kmart for $2 and couldn't resist. We didn't leave them lit or long on St Patty's Day because we decided to see who can stay in their seat and blow them out from halfway across the table. The boys really love it when we light candles, but I think they're only in it for the blowing out side of things.

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Renelle said...

We enjoyed Despicable Me. I still wish I could catch some of what you've got! because it blows me away how organised and creative you are and how much you get through. Have a lovely weekend. Blessings, Renelle