Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nature Study Book

While recently debating what we'd learn, nature wise, for the fall remembered that we had a fantastic Nature Study book by Katie's Homeschool Cottage. The one we had was for summer, and while debating purchasing the fall version I received an email from them stating that they'd know put all their nature studies into one large book and for a while it was on special. I was delighted!

Downside to it was that it's a 200+ page pdf file. That's a whole lotta printing out or excessive searching on the computer. Then I remembered that Currclick now offers some of their products in actual book form!

The really cool part is that you can chose it as a pdf, book, or both. I went for the later option because I knew this was a file I'd prefer to be thumbing through, a lot. I have to be honest and say that I still thumbed through it a lot on the computer and flagged things here and there, but was on the constant prowl for the mail man to bring my lovely new book!

The book was shipped from the UK, it's printed on demand and Currclick must have a deal with someone over that way. Best part? Once it was shipped my book was here in 2 weeks, and despite having to wait for it to be printed that small detail only head it up for a mere 4 days. I was rather impressed because I was figuring it would take a good month to get the book. When it arrived I thought it was a completely different book I was waiting for and was so excited that it was my nature book I completely ignored the screams of, "MOM! SPIDER."

Yeah, until my darling 10 year old started backing away from the table screaming louder. I had no idea what the spider was because I didn't see it so I simply flung the packaging on the floor and then went to inspect it. I had a child who wasn't satisfied until I squared the spider. It felt wrong to be squishing him with the packing from a nature book. But I digress..

The book is awesome! It's broken down by months but also by seasons which is really awesome for us. That means that instead of paying attention to the months I pretty much pay attention to the seasons and items for study. We're officially in Autumn here so I skipped ahead to September in the book (the US month of Autumn) and was able to find some fun ideas for an upcoming nature walk I'd had planned.

The book not only has fantastic ideas for nature walks and study but also ideas on questions you could ask before, during, or after the walks. Not that we always need those, my guys are very full of questions, but sometimes it's nice to see an idea to spur them in a new area of questions.

There's also some great poems for each seasons/idea, as well as some simple notebooking pages and even book suggestions. I found some really fun poems I hadn't read/heard before and some old favorites. I still really enjoy My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson and was reading it out to the boys when I discovered it in my new book.

I really can't wait to take some of these ideas out and use them with the kids. I've had a certain little boy asking for more animal learning, and while not everything in this book is about animals, I know we'll find some really fun topics in there that will cover this request! (I wasn't asked to review this book, but it was too good not to share!)


Ingi said...

We haven't explored the idea of nature journaling much at all yet. Might have to have a look at the link! Thanks!

Katie said...

Thanks for the great comments and feedback about my book! I really appreciate it! I hope you and your children enjoy it and get alot out of it!

May I share a link to your page with your lovely comments on my website?

Take care!
Katie's Homeschool Cottage

Kendra said...

Ingi, you won't regret the purchase!

Katie, absolutely! :D