Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Pentominoes

To start our school day today we did things a little backwards and started with our read aloud. We have many going, but that's not completely abnormal. We'll finish them all, and sometimes we read each one in a day and other times we don't. Best part? We're starting another one next week which we'll probably read great big huge chunks off for our schooling, but that's getting me off my original topic.

Once again we found one of the characters in our big using his personal set of pentominoes which inspired the boys to go right back to using the ones we'd pulled out of our Blokus game last night. (Does your family argue of the name of this game? It's an ongoing thing around here, so most of us avoid the debate by calling it Blockers!)

After we read several chapters, cracked two codes, and read about a few artists and a public school teacher who gives her students more room to learn and explore then some homeschool mamma's do, the boys were complaining they were hungry. So, I pulled out a snack and Blokus and we had a wonderfully rousing game of it.

I left the boys to play a game of Double's Concentration while I traced and cut out two sets of pentominoes from fun foam. The idea was that they'd each have their own set and we wouldn't, hopefully, have to worry about losing pieces from our game. I don't know about your neck of the woods, but in my neck of the woods this is an extremely expensive game and I'm pretty sure we'd have some devastated family members if the game wasn't useable!

My children are normally quite agreeable when I make things for them, but I'll admit my 10 year old was slightly disappointed that his pentominoes didn't clack in his pocket and the fit wasn't as firm and strong as it had been with the actual game pieces. I pointed out that I completely agreed with him, but that this set would work until we purchased a proper set. Then I rang a local shop to ask if they had any, and after three employees they finally found one who could understand me but didn't have any idea what I was after. She was pretty certain they didn't have any, but we remain doubtful.

Lastly, Morgan made a notebooking page, for his Math Notebook, with a little assistance. I suggested we type up whatever he wanted to say and basically make a digital notebooking page. This elicited much excitement from him! I really like all the color on his page, all though he was a little disappointed with the black lines around his side borders. I need to double check the program we used because it can, on occasion be a little fussy like that. All in all, another fun day of math around here. And now, he's debating buying this particular set of pentominoes, all though he'd rather have one with each piece a different color.


Phyllis said...

Fun stuff! It is pronounced Block-us.

Tracey said...

Big fun! We were just playing this yesterday before I read your blog post. I guess GREAT minds do think a like!

schmobes said...

I love the foam pentominoes!

Rebecca said...

I grew up playing with a set of pentominoes and also, a set of wooden pentacubes (think pentominoes in 3D). Fantastic maths-geek fun.

Heather said...

Fun! I just ordered Chasing Vermeer from the library... I picked up a bunch of math books like- The Wonderful World of Pi.

Diana said...

Thanks for this. I didn't really know what pentominoes were and had only vaguely heard of Blokus. We looked it up and think it would be a good fit in this house! :)

I think I need to figure out a another game we *need* and take advantage of the next Buy One Get One sale. :)

An Almost Unschooling Mom said...

Very good idea with the fun foam! The Man of the House, and I have had many "discussions" about whether it was wise to leave the Blokus pieces out on the table, day after day, or not. I pulled out the pentominoes from both our regular game, and our two player Blokus, so I'd have six sets for the kids to play with, while we listen through the stories. He's so sure we'll lose some, maybe I'll make some fun foam sets as well!