Monday, March 7, 2011

More Measurement Fun

I had a fun activity planned for the guys today based on measurement, but things don't always go as planned around here. You have the problem sometimes too, right? In order to accomplish both math and some sanity we watched another Cyberchase Episode. This time, instead of watching via youtube (we can't watch via PBS because we're outside of the US) we had a DVD from the library. The boys are a little bummed that it also happens to be the only Cyberchase video the library has, but anyway..

Then I brought up this measurement game on the Cyberchase website. The idea is that they start out with simplistic shapes to measure with the provided measuring instrument. They move they move to the green square and "draw" the shapes which are then cut out for them. They can rotate them in the small blue square, if needed, and then plop them in place around the building in the big square. Simple, right? In essence yes, but the shapes become trickier as you progress through the game.

My whizz bang on the computer 7 year old had some issues getting the point on the "drawing" section lined up, but after a few helpful ideas from his brother and myself he seemed to be okay with it. It kept them quite busy though, and once we moved on to other things there were several requests to go back in their free time to try and finish the levels off.

There's actually a wide selection of games to be played over there. Even cooler is that you can find a game guide which tells you not only what math topics are covered, but also what science topics are covered in the games as well. You can find an episode guide here, if you're interested.

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Butterfly said...

Thanks for the tip! We'll have to bookmark the Cyberchase website.