Monday, March 7, 2011

Iditarod Fun

We've been gearing up to follow the Iditarod for a while now, but considering this race takes place in the far north of America our library isn't well stocked on books about this topic. Unfortunately, most of our books on this topic are in storage in America so we settled for some audio versions from our favorite audio book club, Audible. Having an audio book going around here is completely normal. We may or may not read our copy of The Call Of The Wild.

Much to the boys delight we pulled out some Sled Dog style movies too. The boys are huge fans of the Balto films, all though rumor has it that a certain child prefers #2 over #1. All though the same child apparently finds it offensive when one of the "mean" dogs calls Balto's child a "Fleabag". Apparently there's a third one out in this series too dealing with the time frame when sled dogs weren't being used anymore.

Lastly, we'll also be using bits and bobs from each of these. I obtained both of these for free over the years, and the boys were delighted to see them pulled out. Sled Dogs deals with dog breeds primarily used for pulling sleds, feeding, care, and so on in regards to the topic. The Iditarod is more specific to the various things related more specifically to the race. 

A few additional resources:
  • Iditarod Study -- This book is really quite small, but very informative and really you can't beat the fifty cent price sticker on it right now.
  • Aunt Sarah's Alaskan Cookbook -- this was a freebie via Currclick not too long ago and it has an entire chapter with recipes for a "Dog Sled Party".
  • Iditarod Games & Printables -- Thanks to there's some fun word searches, crossword puzzles, and other goodies up for grabs. 

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Hallie said...

We are going to be reading Alaska related books all month long on my book blog!!Feel free to stop by!