Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Few Random Things

Since this post is random, why not a few random photos, right? The photo to the left has nothing to do with anything I'm about to write about. In fact, I didn't even take it, and those aren't even my feet. Those would be my husband's feet. In my pink crocs. It happens a lot to be honest, not sure if the neighbors have noticed yet or not...

First off, we haven't abandoned our little patch, we've just been extremely worn out! We've spent the past three weekends helping Mr S's Mum move house. It was a big job, and we're all so glad to have finished with it.

Some random person driving our moving van .. actually, she was our flower girl many moons ago!
We've also been debating the merits of soccer season around here. Morgan adores soccer, but he's a little burnt out after two bum seasons and he's not sure he's up for trying for a third. It's hard when you're use to a fantastic coach and you have to change things up. His first season here he played with kids 2x his height. No joke! He use to get the opposing team telling him he was on the wrong field or asking him if he was "just helping" for the day. He was a complete trooper and survived the gruelling practices intended for 10 and 11 year olds. Last year, he competed at his age level and it felt like slow motion for him considering what he'd endured the year before. Add to it his team had one practice for the entire season, played in some wicked weather, and had a few team mates who didn't abide by the rules {this drove him more insane then anything else}.  It's looking like gymnastics this year instead, or so he hopes.

A random photo of Morgan that Jayden took...
Jayden has developed a morbid fear of snails. Yes, my friends snails. The child who will willingly chase creepy lizards out of my path, rescue any insect with no qualms, and who has unexplainable relationships with wild animals is terrified of snails. I know you're laughing, I was too.. you know when the poor kid wasn't looking. I asked him to pick up a toy left in the yard and he did. Then he dropped it and burst into tears saying things like, "Mommy that was very mean of you. You know how scared I am of snails and you made me nearly touch one! How could you do that to me!"

two random bags of fruit on my kitchen counter
Okay, slugs I could get, but snails? Really? Isn't this the same kid who giggled with glee when we had an impromptu nature lesson over snails last year when they kept attacking my lettuce? Isn't this the same kid who found it interesting that you could touch a snail eye and they'd move it away from your finger but poke it right back out again? Snails?!?! Yeah, snails.

some hideously random photo of my child being um.. I dunno, maybe random?
We're also in the middle of revamping some school ideas around here and considering switching curriculum, especially for Morgan who's not very challenged by our current plans for him. Is this feckle nosed child of mine really in 4th grade?! I'm pretty sure it was just yesterday we were teaching him to write his letters and reminding him it does go 5, 6, 7 not 5, 7, 8.

Another random photo of Mr S.. wearing his own shoes now..
May I just say it's really overwhelming to look at all the curriculum choices available to one out there? Seriously, I had no idea. I know that's probably laughable to some of you, but honestly we've used the same curriculum with him since he was 4 years old! He's 10 now. You do the math. It's one of those bitter sweet sad type times where you're not quite ready to move on even though your child is. Then you sit down and you look at all the choices available to you and you think, "Man, no way!"

A wickedly random photo of me while Mr S was messing with camera settings..
The only thing more shocking then all the choices available to you are the prices on some of those choices! Wow, clearly Mr S should give up web design and go straight into making his own curriculum. Seriously though, I've actually managed to wade through 4 different types of curriculum freebies, samples, and other what not.  I'm feeling confident and happy with my choice, but we'll see how long that lasts once I officially order it!


Ingi said...

I am so with your son on the snail thing (and slugs). I can't go near them! My DH laughs and says "quick, they might chase you!", but your son and I know the true yuckiness of snails! I can't even watch documentaries about them!

Renelle said...

Hi Kendra,
This might freak Jayden out but Carter will go looking for them and set up some old hot wheels track like a obstacle course, wet's it a little and then races a couple at a time.
I have to admit Ingi & Jayden are the first people I've heard of with a snail phobia (I bet there's a techincal name for it).
We're coming to the end of our second year of hs, and I even feel we need a change, so I look forward to reading what you do for Morgan.

Kendra said...

Oh Ingi, you poor thing!

Renelle, very clever of your son! My eldest and I considered racing them, but while poor Jayden was freaking out we decided to fling them into the neighbor's sheep paddock instead. hehe I think we're going to switch to Sonlight. I've read awesome stuff about them and feel I can still keep a reasonable CM type schooling style.. but I will share more about it when we finally click the "buy" button. ;)