Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wombat Stew Lapbook

Jayden had a fantastic time with Wombat Stew and was most delighted when we'd sing the refrane to him. He also thought the voice I used for Emu was excellent, but he found my pathetic attempt at Platypus' voice problematic because a few time's he'd say, "Why are you talking like that?"

I'm pretty sure I heard a titter or two from his oh so loving brother, and at one point there was an outright snort and something about, "I think she's trying to make him sound Australian instead of American." Clearly I failed.

Jayden ended up with a 4 page spread in this lapbook, and no it's not a mini sized one. This was a normal sized no you can not use the funky colored blue folders they do not hold up well enough kinda lapbook.

Okay, I have to share a really funny story here. Jayden has a very dry sense of humor, but he can also be whacky funny too. So, there are times when it can be hard to tell if he's serious or not. Thus, when I read the booklet out to him that said, "When is a baby a joey?" and he said, "As soon as it's born!" I couldn't decide if I should laugh or not, but laugh I did. He sat there staring at me and then said, "Your questions aren't very hard you know." That only caused me to laugh harder, but honestly the kid had a point. He's use to the referral of joey to most native animals, thus to him it happens as soon as the animal is born!

Incase your unsure of the answer, there's the inside of his little booklet. In the pockets are Mumma Marsupials with little joeys in their pouches.

I promise you, my son did not draw an H on the face of that person. It's meant to be a superhero mask! Because every loyal and good friend is really a superhero in disguise! Okay, so maybe not, but he was intent to put a special mask on the friend.

The word card pocket held cards from the story that ended with a y. There were lots and lots of them and Jayden sorted them into piles based on what sound the y made at the end of the word. Good practice for him!

This is the inside of the taste "booklet" We made this fun little tastebuds book from the same resource we used for Morgan's muscle and bone stuff. Great book, did I mention that all ready? To store it in his lapbook I folded it down and he glued the fun figures of the tongues on the front.

Those speckles on the tongue (black dots) are the tastebuds. I'm kinda nervous to ask why this fellow has a black and purple tongue. I know, I know.. imagination and all that, but you don't understand.. Before he colored that picture he said, "Mom, can you open our mouth so I can see what colors this would be for real?" I obliged while I kept a really close eye out for flies.

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