Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vocabulary Notebooking Pages

While chatting with some friends today, we all thought it would be super cool to have a Vocabulary Journal. Lakeshore has some amazingly cool and awesome journals, many I'd love to get my sticky little fingers on. Unfortunately, Lakeshore will only ship internationally if I call them first, and several months ago now I put in to have them contact me about what the rate would be if I ordered a few of their journals. I'm still waiting for that call back.

While I wait(ed), the whole topic about these amazing little Vocabulary Journals came up. They are fantastic! I mean really fantastic, and it dawned on me it would only take a short time to whip up a notebooking page that would be quite similar to that.

I'm not one for making a general "rip-off" style printable, especially if I'm going to share it. However, all the chatter about these vocabulary journals made me think it would be a bit selfish if I kept it for myself.

I really can't wait to put these to use considering the many vocabulary words we seem to learn each week. I'm sure other homeschooling families learn many new words each week too, right? I know Morgan will enjoy the space to draw a picture on his paper, and I love that he can work on some grammar by filling in a synonym for each word. Now available from CurrClick!


Diana said...

Super cute! I love this idea for when Bug gets a little older. He hates to write at the moment, so we usually look up a definition and move on at the moment. But I love doing more with the words!

Edwena said...

I just wanted to say thank you again for doing these up. Mine are all printed and spiral bound and ready for next year. Thank you for your labor.