Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stuffed French Toast

When we lived in America we lived in a College (University) town which also happened to be an I-40 town. This meant that our town had a whole lot of restaurants and shops for the college kids to hang out at and the tourists to stop in and fill up at as well.

One of Mr Scarecrow's favorite places to stop into was Ihop, and he'd always order a Colorado Omelette & Strawberry Stuffed French Toast. He never deviated, not that I can say much. I use to get the chicken fajita omelette which was gigantic and enough to feed at least two of us.

Our first experience with Ihop actually happened in Memphis, TN. You see after we were married we still had to file more paperwork in order for Mr S. to apply for his greencard and so on. This meant an 8-10 hour trip and then after spending an additional 5 hours in line we were starving, having skipped breakfast to get in line early. Yeah, that plan didn't work too well, and so we drove to the nearest resturant and place the world's largest order. Seriously. The lady next to us, you should have seen her eyes. She even gave us coupons, and then when we asked for a couple of takeout containers the lady leaned back over and said, "I was wondering how long it would take you to ask for those!" Clearly she was a regular..

Needless to say, he'd ask for it every now and again. The problem is, when I have to make something that lives up to great expectations I can freak out. I mean completely freak out. For instance, it took me 5 years to gut it up and make gorditas for the poor man. Seriously, and I was terrified once I did that they'd be terrible and he'd hate them and it would have been a total waste of time. He loved them.

The thing is, there's also the whole deal of hunting down a creditable recipe. That can be tough in this day and age when everyone has a recipe posted for stuff but they are all so different! It took me a while to hunt down a recipe for Stuffed French toast that was simple and seemed creditable. I wasn't into this spread the mixture on a slice of bread and then put a second slice on top and then batter it and fry it. That made no sense because I knew in flipping it over I'd make a total mess.

Ages ago I stumbled upon this recipe for stuffed French Toast. I was a tad trepadatious about it because it was coming from the Pioneer Woman site. Now, I know that sounds really dumb because she's even got a cookbook out so clearly her recipes are tasty, but they are also pretty calorie laden. However, I figured since all her recipes seem to get rave reviews and it wasn't even written by her I was probably safe. Thus, I made the recipe sometime last year. Mr S was delighted.

Needless to say with a name like French Toast we decided to make it again for a French breakfast. I had a loaf of  French bread in the freezer and when I mentioned it to Jayden I heard a few squeals of, "Great idea!" from other members of this house. Really, it's just one of those things you'll have to try for yourself, it's just that good.

Notes: We used both fresh fruit and jam. We used a No Sugar Added Jam (Johno's for you locals, most of the veggie sheds and some IGA's seem to carry it.) I didn't use sugar of any sort on our berries, mostly because I was completely out. I did give them a slight sprinkle of stevia and I chopped them quite small with my kitchen chopper. After using my stick blender to combine the jam and cream cheese I then added the berries. Mr S finds it a perfect dish for his craving for Stuffed French Toast, and would love to try this in raspberry (I can't eat those beautiful berries without getting an instant migraine!) or blueberries.. 


Dianna said...

yum, that looks so good.

Tracey said...

I LOVE FRENCH TOAST! This looks so good!