Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sea Otters

We wrapped our first week (tentatively) of ocean studies up with some Sea Otter fun. Now, if you've ever seen these funny fellows in a zoo or animal park you'll know they are super fun to watch.

My boys don't remember seeing them in the zoos in America, which is a small shame considering we once spent 20 minutes watching them because Jayden was so befuddled with them and anytime we walked away both the sea otter and Jayden fussed. Plus, they also happen to be one of my favorite things to check out when we visited the zoo.

Unfortunately, this is one creature we don't own a book about! We do have the amazing Ocean Atlas that has a small quip about them in there and of course we googled them to pick up a bit more information. Somehow, reading that they were the largest member of the weasel family took away a bit of their cuteness, but maybe I was just having flashbacks to the day our cat dragged a weasel home...

We then watched this cute little video about otter pups who become separated or lose their mother. It was  an interesting video, for me, but most of what was said went over the kids heads. They did, however, have a great time watching the otters play.

This video from National Geographic was much more up their alley. An entire otter family frolicking and sliding in the snow and ice in Yellowstone National Park! Jayden pointed out how much like a penguin the whole sliding on the ice is.

Then there's this video, which isn't exactly informative, but has some very funny otters who aren't the least bit camera shy. It was also fun to see the back feet as well as you can in this video. If you pay close enough attention you'll also see an otter hanging out in the fake kelp, which is what they'd do naturally if they were at sea. They hang on to kelp while they sleep so they don't accidentally drift out to see. 

You can check out their hunting skills here, but these are river otters vs sea otters. There's nothing majorly gruesome in it, all though Morgan was unimpressed with seeing the otter bite into a fish it had just caught. He did not, however, run off screaming which is a good sign that it probably won't be too icky for anyone else! 


GraceandFaith said...
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Mom Guide said...

There is a great new show in the USA from PBS called Wild Kratts. It talks about wild animals

I hope you can access it.