Tuesday, February 15, 2011

School Plans: Ocean Week 1

We're gearing up for a few fun weeks of ocean fun around here! This has to be the most anticipated week of school for our first 8 weeks back! I've been really excited to get going with these lessons for a while now, and once the boys found out what I was up to they were equally excited.

For the next three to four weeks we're pairing up the Amanda Bennett Ocean Unit Study with the book Awesome Ocean Science. You might remember we did a few experiments from this book last summer, but never completely delved into it as we had hoped. So in order to accommodate that I came up with a plan of action!

Amanda Bennett unit studies are set up to last four weeks, but they also only school four days of the week. We always find that theory fun from the normal five days that we typically school for. All though we considered taking four day weeks when Jayden was rowing Madeline, as children in France apparently don't attend school on Wednesdays in order to make room for extra curricular activities. So, we're unclear at this point if we'll be taking Fridays and spending them at the beach (weather permitting) or if we'll take our four week study down to three.  Either way it's bound to be heaps of fun!

Here's the plan(s) for this week:

Day One:
Day Two:
Day Three:
Day Four:
Day Five:
  • Catch up on any outstanding projects
  • Get lost in a few read alouds
  • Explore the Beach
Extras: In addition to the above the boys have copywork and vocabulary words each day, but it seemed silly to write that repetitively. I honestly did very little to set up this study for the kids. I pretty much just matched up all my resources using the Amanda Bennet Ocean study as our spine. The rest of it all just matched up really easily with the resources we had on hand. In fact, I think the only thing I couldn't find a resource at home (or the library) for was Lief Erickson. Weird, huh?

It's actually taken me a couple of days to get this post written due to science experiments, Valentine's Day, science experiments, daily life, science experiments just to name a few of the things that have been keeping us busy. We had debated making this last us only 3 weeks, and while that might still be an option down the road this week (two days in) has been quite busy and we all ready have a few small outstanding projects. Like our Whale Mobile and our Ocean Pie (which will demonstrate how much of the earth is water vs land) so I don't know that we'll work on more then the origional 4 day week as it's written.

The boys are also working on either a lapbook or a notebook. Jayden is using most of the free lapbook pieces over at homeschool share. I'm not having him use all the main writing pieces for a variety of reasons. In keeping with my goals for Morgan this year he's notebooking. This is something I had to make for him, because when I purchased the Ocean's unit study the notebooking pages were sold separately, something that's not an option now. I do not have the notebook up for grabs right now because it's not completed. I only have the first two weeks of it finished. By the time our unit is over I will have clearly finished it and have it up to share! In the mean time prepare to be inundated with gobs of science experiment photos..

Notes: Bill Nye has some really awesome science videos out there that can be really very informative. You'll have to decide for yourself if they suit your family's needs. We don't agree with his opinion on evolution, but we choose to enjoy the majority of his videos because they have great scientific lessons. When the topic comes up in a video we may be watching we use it as an opportunity to discuss our own beliefs on this subject. 

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Looks like a lot of good summer fun!