Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project 365: Week Six

Sunday, February 6  -- A quick Valentine's Day banner for the doorway between our dinning room and kitchen. I'm not sure you can really see it in the picture, but I outlined the words and hearts with a gold marker. The colorful contraptions above the doorway are the boys book caterpillars. and the objects just barely in the photo are stars and planets which are still going strong on our ceiling, all though the sun refused to stay attached ages ago!

Monday, February 7 -- Another great find on the beach. We were impressed to see the number on the bottom of the bottle, all though we're not convinced it corresponds to a year as much to a batch number or something down those lines.

Tuesday, February 8 -- Dinner. Tea. It goes by the same name in this house. My menu was set off kilter a pinch this week when I realized I'd forgotten Romano cheese for Mr S's favorite chicken dish. So, Tuesday I sent him an email while he was at work and gave him three options for dinner. He chose Hamburger Stroganoff. A huge family favorite around here.

Wednesday, February 9 -- After our dinner the night before I told the gang I was heading out for another walk on the beach as the tide was out. The gang decided to join me, and check out all our loot! We've had a lot of seaglass on the beach since the recent floods in our neck of the woods. There's also a drain down by our beach (man made to syphon water off the road), and it was dug a bit deeper thus turning up even more glass. One of those pieces was mistaken for an ice cube until it was picked up!

Thursday, February 10 -- Morgan was delighted to finally get his chance to eat at a local restaurant, The Three Amigos. He's been counting this day down for a long time. Only, once we got there he was terrified to try any of their tacos for fear he wouldn't like them so he ordered himself a bowl of hot chips and chicken nuggets! We ordered him a single taco too, but he didn't like the shredded meat on it. Even still, from the look on his face, I'm pretty sure he enjoyed his special night out!

Friday, February 11 -- After spending two days confined to the house due to rain we decided to eat tea up by the bay. It ended up being much cooler then we expected and the kids were running around being silly when the a boat load (literally) of sailors started walking back down towards their Navy Ship. I resisted the urge to scream GO ARMY! For the sake of my brother, and Morgan ran off to say hello. Only, clearly it was getting very close to curfew for the soliders because their gate was so fast Morgan couldn't catch them up.

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