Sunday, February 20, 2011

Project 365: Week Seven

Sunday, February 13 -- There was much hustle bustle around the house as the day came to a close. Printing papers for school, tidying away the last of the days activities, checking the following days weather, and of course Valentine's Preparations. With a party the day before and taking a Nana home today the boys waited until last minute to make valentines. I found this tucked on my nightstand before I climbed into bed. It's not a great photo, but the stack of papers neatly tied together and clipped made me smile. Unlike some family members, mine didn't state that I had to wait until morning to open and read them!

Monday, February 14 -- Valentine's Day seemed to creep up on us this year. We often find ourselves having a birthday party on this special day or it seems so much closer to a weekend. Mr S, however walked through the door with this beautiful bouquet for me. The crazy man carried it all the way home after stopping off for it on his walk home from work! Talk about love, that and the brand new Alarm Clock he got me were very sweet presents indeed!

Tuesday, February 15 -- A normal breakfast around here consisting of oat bran drizzled with maple syrup. My family thinks I'm a little bit nuts for eating hot cereal all year round, but then again they are kinda use to my insanity. Seriously though, I'm cold all the time lately and there's nothing like a bowl of cereal to warm you up!

Wednesday, February 16 -- We buy our popcorn in 5 kilo rations (that's more then ten pounds for those of you in the imperial system) and we pop the bag in the freezer putting just enough in our popcorn jar to fill it. We tend to eat a batch every day, especially now that the boys now how to use our fancy little air popper. Today it was requested at morning snack time while we watched a science video. And yes, the first time I went into my shop and requested a full bag of the popcorn the girls said, "You do know how much that is right?" My cheeky little boys smiled and said, "I hope it's a lot because we eat it every day!" 

Thursday, February 17 -- Creationary. A certain little boy, who's not so little, got a fantabulous present from his grandparents. You should have seen the look on his face when, as he was unwrapping it I said, "Oh, this one is from Gram-Gram and Poppy!" He was confused, but when he opened it he said, "What?! This came in the mail and I didn't notice it?!" We've been subjected to many games of this since he opened it, and I see many more ahead of us.

Friday, February 18 -- A view of the cruise ship we can see leaving port from our house every day. We can also see it coming back in, and in the dead of winter when it toots it's horn incessantly at 6 am so the tug boats can find it out in the fog covered ocean I'm often tempted to open my window and scream, "He's coming all ready, keep it down now!" Nothing like the bellowing noise from a boat horn at  5 am to start your day! We often see this beauty leaving port when we drop Mr S off at work, and Jayden never hesitates to roll down his window, throw himself halfway out and wave good-bye as though his nearest and dearest were on that boat. It's really quite funny..

Saturday, February 19 -- It's a miserably dreary day outside, just what I'd hoped for! A reason to stay home and huddled together in the house where we can work on craft projects and be complete and utterly lazy without one whim of guilt for not going outside today! My craft area was covered with the front part of flour sacks after whipping up some lovely little chickies. Which meant putting them all away before I could pull out my snowman quilt to work on.. or the other long list of never ending projects which are all demanding my attention.. 

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