Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project 365: Week Five

Sunday, January 30 -- We always have a big tidy-up on Sunday afternoon around here. The house must be put back to rights so we can start the business of the rest of the week in a sense of calm.. you know until someone changes in the hall and flings dirty unders around or someone doesn't clean up the bath floor after a shower.. I went into our room to put some laundry away and found Jayden had tucked Mr S's Garden Gnome and Mr Grumpy into bed, complete with a "book" (actually a wallet) to read. I found it very amusing to spot.

Monday, January 31 -- We had a wonderfully hot day here and after postponing Sunday's oven cooked dinner to Monday I realized it wasn't feasible then either unless I wanted to overheat the house. While debating what to cook in it's stead the kids asked to be taken to the park. So we went, and had tea in the park instead. While the boys were happily playing and Mr S was at the shop picking up tea I sat under a tree on our picnic quilt reading when bark kept hitting me on the head and falling onto my book. When I looked up I spotted two Gala's in the tree having quite a fine time. Their friends joined them shortly after this photo and I had to move the quilt so they didn't continue to throw bark into our tea.. My picture doesn't do them true justice as they have the fairest pink heads and the brightest pink chests with dull grey feathers elsewhere. I find them quite entertaining to watch, but other's don't tend to feel the same way.

Tuesday, February 1 -- Making bread around here is a weekly, sometimes twice weekly, adventure. Tuesday I managed to make bread, administer a spelling test, and play a math game. Thankfully the bread turned out perfectly, the children passed the spelling test, and the math game was a total success and nothing got mixed into anything that shouldn't have been. No, that isn't our 100% Whole Wheat Bread, the guys aren't as keen on it so I've been using a new recipe slightly altered from my favorite cookbook.

Wednesday, February 2 -- We're being consumed, as normal, by all things Lego here. I decided to jump in head first (as normal) for our upcoming party. The kids adore the fact that the house is usually decorated with homemade goodies. The above "paper chain dolls" was a test to see if I could get it to work. When I called the birthday boy into the room to check out the results he was gushing with pleasure about it and very impressed that, "You even got the knob on top of their head and their clicky hands! This is so awesome!" Mr S was equally impressed until I announced, "Glad you love it! You'll be given the honor of helping me make a few dozen to decorate with."

Thursday, February 3 -- Another test idea for straw decorations. My kids love drinking out of straws and we always have some on hand for smoothies. I figured we could use some for juice at Morgan's party and wondered if I could change them into lego straws. I tested two and left them on the kitchen table to see what he'd say when he woke up. 3 out of 4 people liked the smile face straw. 1 person liked the "other" straw. Personally, I found the "other" straw to look like we were torturing, in some freakish way, a lego man. I had hoped it would look like he was drinking the fluids, but I'm not so convinced..

Friday, February 4 -- While on my morning beach walk with the dog I stumbled upon that amazing chunk of sea glass. When I first spotted it I honestly thought it was a chunk of ice and then reality hit and I remembered there couldn't be just one lone chunk of ice on the beach. So I thought it was another jelly washed ashore (tis the season after all), but when I bent down for closer inspection I was delighted to see it was more sea glass for my collection. When I plopped it on the table the guys were equally impressed and there was contemplation about it being a bottle top once upon a time.

Saturday, February 5 -- I had secretly ordered these cute cookie cutters for Morgan's party. The idea was that people could decorate the cookies themselves before munching on them. I was delighted to find someone on the mainland with a set for sale and they arrived on Friday much to the boys delight. There was gasps or awe and amazement and shock. Personally, I wasn't keen on the girl version, because even female legos don't look like that, but the novelty of them is still fun!

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