Monday, February 28, 2011

Project 365: Week Eight

Sunday, February 20 -- Haircuts were in dire want around our home so Sunday afternoon I plugged a video in and loaded the guys up. That's the third pile of hair I swept up. Don't worry they aren't completely bald.. yet.

Monday, February 21 -- The lighthouse we see each morning when we go down to the ferry. It looked especially nice as we sat in the car and waited to make sure the ferry would manage it's crossing without breaking down. Laugh if you want, but we know how reliable it is..

Tuesday, February 22 -- Somedays we have to wait for this monstrosity to scoot out of the way before the ferry can cross the river. Tuesday was one such morning. For whatever reason the ferry refused to cross until this was out to sea; I know you're thinking safety reasons but normally he can cross a half dozen times, the same amount of time it takes this big vessel to turn around. Why is my mirror in the picture? I refused to get out and look like the other gawking tourists just to snap a photo. Besides, sometimes tourists can get pretty feisty as they elbow each other for prime picture spots.

Wednesday, February 23 -- The funny ferry Mr S takes into town on a daily basis. We usually stay close until we're sure it's made it's way across the river and landed safely at the dock. It's been known to conk out a few times before it went in for some massive repairs.

Thursday, February 24 -- I spent the day sneezing and coughing and freezing. I was rugged up in my orange woollen socks and that footy scarf. My eyes are even doing freaky things in that photo! Best part was when I walked in the room all rugged up and the guys were asking for popsicles because they were so hot. I thought they were joking until I checked the temperature outside. Apparently I was feverish..

Friday, February 25 -- The look from an upstairs window. I was still sneezing and coughing on Friday, but not as badly. While waiting on a printer to print I looked out the window and was impressed to see a tree in the yard was all ready starting to change colors! We have 3 that do this in our yard, if they can survive the summer heat. Considering our summer was so not hot it'll be fun to see these leaves change.

Saturday, February 26 -- We checked in at a local park and enjoyed checking out the small creek that runs through it. Normally we get carried away with the cattails. I love cattails, don't you? Really I do. I still remember a case cattails and silver dollars sitting in a vase shaped like a boot in my parents house for years. My kids are more intent on using the cattails as exploring missiles though. Alas.. I found myself distracted by the lilly pads.

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