Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lego Party Bags

We always do party bags around here even if we only have family over, it's just something the kids really enjoy and honestly it can be quite fun to come up with ideas to put in the bags as we don't usually put candies in them.

So I fumbled around with a lot of ideas for a Lego bag that didn't involve candies or Lego. Which is weird sounding, I'm sure, but the price of Lego here is insane and so I knew that was out. We don't do sugar because a couple of us in the home can't eat it, so that left me fumbling with what i could do that would stick with our theme.

We came up with a lot of ideas, but the final choices were really quite simple in the end, and kinda typical of the items we traditionally put in all our party bags, so I'm sure there will be few wowser ideas ahead!

First up we have bubbles. We tend to use bubbles alot around here and the mini bottles always make the kids quite excited. So we picked up a few of them and pulled off the factory labels and stuck our own on. The boys liked helping with this, and what you can't see is a fun lego image on the other side of the bottle. No, I did not pluck all the wands out of the bottles, for some reason they weren't in them and I figured it was silly to attach them with a ribbon so they aren't.

We decorated little boxes of raisins as lego men. The graphic game from here, but I had to play with the image quite a bit to get it just the right size for our 40g box of raisins. These aren't the mini ones, but the next size up. The only downside to this idea was the fiddly bit of cutting each of those little guys out. I suspect a cricut or silhouette owner would have had a much quicker time of it!

We also made our own little Lego Coloring Book. This is something we've done in the past, but in a full sized sheet of paper method. So when I spotted this fun idea for a mini book I snagged it up. The thing is, though, I wasn't super keen on all the images and I was not at all keen on spending money for a download someone had put up for free. What's up with Scribd costing people now anyway? So, we did what we always do and came up with our own!

I found some lego graphics by a very talented man and used those. The birthday boy was quite impressed to see the Speed Racer fellows in his book. All though, even at 10 he's still calls the show Race Speeder. It makes me laugh.

Personally, I'm a big Indiana Jones fan. Really, I am, all though I found the latest movie a wee bit flat with the whole Alien theory. Still, I own it, and I'll never forget watching Temple Of Doom three afternoons in a row because my Grandma kept dozing off while we were trying to show it to her. Clearly monkey brains just weren't her thing! Just four of the main characters, my boys really only know Indie and have only seen the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. They think Senior is actually Indie's Grandpa, which completely cracks me up, and when I informed them that Indie had a son they were gobsmacked. Funnier yet was when I told them he called himself Mutt. Good times ahead people, good times ahead..

Not pictured, but also in the bags are some fun Christian themed pencils, a regular styled balloon, and a Valentine Balloon. Morgan's birthday is so close to Valentine's day we've always included something of that nature in his party bags. Last year we did funtastic little magnetic bookmarks with love hearts on them, and another year we made little printable valentines. This year, we went with balloons because I was out of red clay so the original idea has been shelved. Then, we had some lemon drop candies (sugar-free) in the house and we dropped one of those in the bags, but then I thought that not everyone wants to eat a sugar-free lollie just because some of us do so I splurged and bought some Freddo Frogs & a bag of snickers that was on clearance.

Morgan helped me make the bag topper. I couldn't think of anything very catchy to write up there so I asked him what some of the Lego men say. Apparently the new slogan is 'Hey!' and then they build really quickly. So, we went with that idea, and rather then put a lot of ink on the paper (I go through ink like crazy so I'm attempting to be more conscience of ways I can preserve it) we simply put another thank you on the back.

 My guys adore people coming over to play with them so it only seemed fitting. Plus, we all ready put the thanks for coming to the party on the color book. Those bricks you see pictured on the back of the coloring in booklet are the same ones on the bottles of bubbles. The fonts are actually a true Lego font, but it's not easy to make it do what you want, so we went with untraditional colors for it considering we all ready have a lot of yellow and red going on.

Excuse the blurr, but I thought I'd point out the yellow and red we have going on in our home. I always decorate the house, for their birthday, after the kids go to bed. And yes, there's a stuffed lego man laying on my lounge room floor. There's another one not in the photo and two more elsewhere. The kids used precious Christmas money to buy them a year or so ago and then a few weeks later they were marked down to half price so Mr S treated them to another one each. When they take those fellows out with them (which happens often) they are the most raved about stuffed "doll" ever!

Okay, so it's another blurry photo, but that's because the balloon was spinning in this photo and not me. Is that not a cool balloon? I bought one of those extra big ones that had polka dots all over it. If they'd had a matching red one I would have gotten two, but they didn't so I treated the boys to a giant valentine balloon each instead. Please tell me my children aren't the only ones who think getting a balloon to blow up a million trillion times is the coolest thing ever!

And there's the prized look the birthday boy will wake up to, minus one present which isn't int he photo. We left the Valentine tablecloth on instead of putting out the party cloth. We're in for rain over the next few days and I wasn't sure I could get it dried in time for his party, and I know he'll request it then. So instead I pulled out our birthday place mats and slapped them on the table. They kinda blend in though! Yes, he's getting that well sought after pogo stick! I think he'll be equally surprised to find that Gram & Poppy's birthday present is all ready wrapped and on the kitchen table for him. Now, I just have to pray we have a bit of wind, because that absurdly wrapped present on his place mat is a new kite. He has a beautiful pirate ship kite that is amazing to look at, and awesome when it stays in the sky, but it needs some wire ties to hold the sails on which give it lift. I picked him up a traditional diamond kite in the brightest rainbow of colors, he loves color so I feel confident enough to say he'll love the kite. As for the rest.. well you'll just have to wait and find out!

Notes: I know you'll ask, I will share the printables for all the party goodies but it will have to wait until after Valentine's Day as we'll be quite busy until then. You'll have to stay tuned for game ideas and cakes. We tend to work on our parties a little bit at a time over the course of a week or two.. which means I currently have cake chilling in the freezer that I'm super excited to get decorating with..


Gae said...

Dear Kendra,
YOu have the best ideas.
Can't wait!!

Kayla said...

Kendra that looks wonderful!! I just know all the kids love that!! XOXO

Michele said...

Great ideas Kendra! Care to share your lego coloring book pages? I am looking for something to add to Kaden's party next month.

Melody said...

You are an absolute genius to come up with these ideas! I am so inspired by reading your blog. It just makes my day!