Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Homeschool Mother's Journal -- Week 5

In My Life This Week: We're gearing up for a rental inspection. Did you know that was customary in Australia? It is. Every so many months they come through and make sure the upkeep is happening and it gives you a face to face with the agent to lodge any problems or complaints. We've never had a bad inspection, but I still stress out over these things. Mr S, on the other hand, has had a few poor inspections when he was living in the city on his own. All I can honestly say about that, is it's probably a good thing the inspector didn't open the oven. He's been known to hide dirty dishes in the oven, clean clothes in the fridge, and books under the mattresses before.

In Our Homeschool This Week:  Our schooling this week is very halted and slow. Truthfully, sometimes real life experiences get in the way of book learning, but that's okay because it gives us the opportunity to put what we know to use. Hopefully we'll be returning to our regularly scheduled program of Ocean Fun before the weeks over.

Places We Are Going, People We Are Seeing: We had an absolutely clear and beautiful schedule this week, but five minutes into the new week things changed. We've been the hospital, where my children wanted to lecture nurses on the habits of smoking and we stopped to collect acorns so we can attempt to get one to sprout. We're off to see a new house with a family member tomorrow (we're not moving, the family member is). We're also hoping to hit our local arboretum sometime this week to collect feathers and check on the progress of changing leaves. Did you know they have trees from all over the world there including the US?

My Favorite Thing Last Week: I really enjoyed finding lots of little Valentine's hidden all over the house from Morgan. It hasn't stopped, we're still getting little notes with love hearts on them. He's great for making letters and sending them to us, which is a great way to find words for his spelling. When I reminded him that he's still persistently writing you wrong even though he knows how to spell it he later delivered a picture to me with a new Mr Man on it entitled: Mr Spelt It Rong.

What's Working/Not Working For Us: We're completely loving our ocean study! It's inspiring all sorts of reading and investigating around here. In fact, the boys requested we rent a few ocean videos to watch and after much humming and hawing we chose Finding Nemo & Flipper (the new'er' one with Elijah Wood in it) and the boys were so excited to see several creatures we learned about in the later film.

Homeschool Thoughts/Questions I have: I've actually been back into researching Charlotte Mason's manner of educating children. We all ready use many of her methods, and there's a few more I'd like to put into action around here. Which means in what little spare time I've had I've been reading, researching, and so on about these methods and ideas. My brain can be a really scary place to be sometimes..

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Princesses wear crowns to remind them that they are smart and beautiful because somedays it's easy to forget. Author Unknown

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