Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Homeschool Expo

Did you know that the there are limited seats at the Old Schoolhouse Expo? Apparently, there are! There's roughly 300 tickets left up for grabs and they are still as low as $19.95. You can currently pick them up under two different options. You can pay $19.95 and get the Expo To Go. That means that once the Live Expo meetings are over the people who work behinds the scenes on all the techno stuff will turn the lovely meetings into MP3's which one can download to their ipod, computer, or whatever device you want. Then you can listen at your leisure. For $29.95 you can get the Live Meetings as well. Rumour has it that the prices are set to rise by $10 so if you're considering picking up a ticket, you might want to snag one soon to get the lower price!

I know some of you will ask what the advantage to one ticket over another is, especially those of you who asked about time zone differences last year when I mentioned I was attending. The only big difference is that a "to-go" ticket means you can download the meetings (a couple of weeks after they are over) and listen to them at your leisure. An excellent choice if you're some 15+ hours ahead of other parts of the world.

Honestly, I really enjoyed the Expo last time. It's a great alternative to attending a giant homeschool conference, something I don't have the ability or opportunity to do in my neck of the woods. Last year one of my favorite speakers was Todd Wilson. He was funny and to the point and tackled a topic that pretty much all homeschoolers need to hear: Lies Homeschoolers Believe.

Todd spoke about a lot of the things we, as mothers and fathers, believe about others in order to influence why and when we do things in our own home. This was a chat I really enjoyed and, in fact, just listened to it again and it was as great the second (or third.. I might even admit fourth) time around as it was the first.  In fact, the first time I heard this it was during the actual meeting, and my dh was listening too as we were both busily bustling around getting breakfast and things. There's a point in the meeting where he asks us to put cleaning on a priority list and my answer caused Todd to say, "No, it's suppose to be a lower number time to start over!" Thankfully, he didn't actually use my first name, but Mr S was laughing so hard he nearly choked on his Weet*Bix.

His meeting really hit the nail on the head with the growing epidemic amongst homeschoolers, and how so many feel the need to do or be simply because they think Jane and John Doe do it. We've all been caught in that trap at some point in our homeschooling careers. Anyway, I'll leave you with a couple of quotes that always make me stop and say, "Wow!" when I listen to this particular meeting. "If you believe a lie long enough it becomes a truth." "If we act on the lies we'll miss the truth. Don't compare your weakness against other people's strengths. Comparing is poison to your soul."

Todd Wilson won't be speaking, as far as I know, at the coming Homeschool Expo but you can look here to check out who will be speaking this time. Check out the latest specials and tickets available here.

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