Friday, February 25, 2011

Helping New Zealand

I've been asked a few times if our family is okay after the recent events in New Zealand. First off, thanks for being concerned, but those of us here in Tasmania are more then okay. Occasionally when an earthquake happens in surrounding islands we get higher then normal waves or high water warnings, but we didn't this go around.

Our hearts go out to those in New Zealand and their suffering. A lot of people want to be able to help, and here's one small way you can. Currclick is offering a $254.23 package for a mere $20. That's a huge savings of $234.23!

The package includes a large range of items from lapbooks and notebooking pages to full unit studies. The best part is that Currclick has decided that all proceeds make from sales on this packaged bundle will go directly to the New Zealand Red Cross. Which means that the $20 you spend will go directly towards helping those who've been effected by the earthquake.

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