Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cute Little Chicks

Aren't they cute? We think so. This craft project has been in my to-do list and I've stumbled upon it 3 times over the past few days! So, with a slow school week and an afternoon with a window of time to use I busied myself and whipped up 8 of them. Origionally I was only going to make 3, but then I thought of five more little ones I'd really like to give one to and so I added more to the pile. They were really quick and simple and I managed to make all 8 of them in just under 2 hours.

I still need to hand stitch each one closed and add something to their little pockets, but there's been some awes and loving over them all ready. In fact, I told my boys that I was making these for their littlest cousin Brooklyn. I hear a lot about "Baby Brooklyn" from them and it's quite sweet. Truthfully I was working on Miss B's first and I used the same material for her's as I did for her cute little quilt.

Check out all those fun chunks of material. I used each one of those with a specific littler person in mind. The red dots was, as I said, for Miss B. The gears are for Morgan, the Blue speckled material in the top row is for Jayden. The green one next to it is for Mr S, because I know he'll want one. The purple one is for another niece Miss D whom also just celebrated her 10th birthday! (I still remember when she was born and I'd be strolling through my local YMCA with her and Morgan in tow and people would ask me all the time if they were twins. I nearly made them t-shirts..) The alphabet and other blue speckled one are for my cousin's two little boys who and the pink one is for her daughter.

See it all started with this flour sack. I have a million of them under the sink as I buy two bags of flour in these things each month, sometimes more if we do excessive amounts of baking. I'm constantly plotting and flagging things that I can do with them. But then there's also a bit of a sad story too. You see my cousin's husband and my brother are both about to be deployed very shortly to the middle east. Knowing how I feel I can't even imagine how their own wives are feeling. And, considering the reaction of my children and their bone chilling questions that needed answering, I can't imagine what their own little ones are asking. So, we decided we'd spend the year showering both of these little families with a little something special each month to help carry them through. And so the idea to make 8 little chicks came into play.

Thing is, I couldn't tell my boys the entire story because I knew they'd ask for one and I have every intention of giving them one.. for Valentine's Day with a little love heart and a note stuck inside of it's pocket. They love small fiddly things and stuffed animals. They adore pockets, what child doesn't? Combine all this together and not only did I use up 1 whole flour sack, I made 7 little ones very happy.

These little things are so cute and simple to make. I will admit I changed mine up a little bit. I didn't line them with another fabric for two reasons. One, I hadn't caught that fact when I was cutting it out. Two, because I didn't catch the need for it I simply assembled one and it was more then sturdy enough so I didn't bother with it. Secondly, I didn't add any feet. Now, I know the feet add a bit more cuteness to it, I agree, but I wasn't up for cutting out 16 little tiny feet and because they looked cute enough without..

I dunno, I might have to make another 8 of these little things and find some more homes for them! It was a really quick project, all though I will confess I did make one love heart. It was quite fiddly and I'm considering another idea for making the rest, we'll see if that pans out. No one's chickie has any flour sack writing on it. I managed to get everything I needed out of the flour sack without messing with the words, Morgan was impressed because he didn't figure Baby Brooklyn would want to spend time reading her new toys anyway..


Angela said...

The chicks are cute, but I am so envious that you can actually buy flower in a cloth sack. Weird?

Pumpkin Patch said...

Love your site. We have a patch here in the states as well.
Thanks for your site.