Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bang Word Game

We're still working on our Dolch Words here with Jayden, and he's doing quite well. Morgan still plays with us because it's great review for him. However, I'm always on the look out to make the repetitious reading of the words each day fun.

We don't read them all every day, we simply work on a dozen or so until they can be read before I can silently count to three (quickly) in my head. Then the words are moved to our word wall or our spelling box and we begin with a new set of words.

Once again, I borrowed another idea from Mrs Carol and am using her idea for the site word game Bang! The idea is that you shuffled some Bang! cards into your site words. The kids read them out and collect cards, when they come to a bang card they have to put all their cards back (or in the middle of the table here) and we carry on until we reach the end. Mrs Carol plays this game in a class setting, and she plays until she has a solid winner. We don't. My children can be highly competitive, but I like to channel that to better things than reading so we simply play until the cards run out.

I didn't bother to print out the provided word cards because Mr S and I spent a gruesome evening printing, laminating, cutting, and hole punching 100+ Dolch Cards from the Teach This website last year. There's no way I needed more sight word cards! Unfortunately, this also meant that the Bang! cards were too big and my kids could easily tell when they were going to receive one. This caused so much nonsense that I made our own cards that are the same shape and size as our Dolch cards are. No more complaints!

Best part is they fit neatly in the back of our Memory Box! I just stick a FunBand around them and pop them in there. All though my lovely little FunBand snapped so it's tied in two places.  Our Memory Box is filling in nicely, but needs a restocking. My kids can quote all but 2 or 3 of those verses without much prompting. However, we've also started adding Bible Story Cards to our Memory Box.

Morgan loves collecting cards and I'd originally thought he'd really enjoy collecting those as we covered our Bible lessons, but we derailed a few times in the choice of other Bible lessons for our schooling that now Jayden is using the same thing as Morgan. In which case, I can't give a card to one and not the other. Rather then order more, we simply put the card in a slot in our Memory box. Why? Because on the back side are relevant questions to each "story" represented on the front. This is great review for them on lessons we've all ready covered! Plus, they think it's super cool which makes it a win/win situation around here!

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Butterfly said...

Terrific ideas, thanks!
I've introduced a memory box this year too, and my children love the Bible verse cards.