Monday, February 7, 2011

Arabella: Weather Fun

Morgan's been working his way through lessons based on the book Arabella. Unfortunately, the book is out of print as far as I know, but if you can find a copy it's a really sweet book. Both of my boys really love this book.

In the book a little boy goes to stay with his grandfather for a whole summer. While there he learns how to steer a boat, tie special knots, and over all has a wonderful time with his Grandfather. Towards the end of the book a terrible sea storm hits the island Grandpa lives on and Matthew does something amazing that uses all his courage and his strength.

I had planned to use the lessons in the Volume 4 Five In A Row manual about moons, but as it turned out I didn't own the book I thought I did and it was checked out at our local library. We switched tactics and decided to learn about the weather instead. This was a topic that Morgan was really eager to cover too because apparently he, "finds the weather interesting because there's so much to know about it! I could learn about it forever!" Oh, the irony in those words considering Mr. S was well on his way to being a meteorologist when he was hit with Chronic Fatigue weeks before his final exams! Thus the course of his life was forever changed..

As for our science lesson.. First things first, we tuned into one of our favorite group of scientific people, the gang from Miss Frizzles room! So we tuned in to The Magic School Bus Kicks Up A Storm:

Then we decided to read What Will The Weather Be? which is a Level 2 Read & Find Out Science book which we happened to own. We really enjoy the Read & Find Out Science books around here. After we were done with that I pulled out a weather related notebooking page for Morgan and told him to fill it in. He was more then happy to draw his favorite bits about the weather in the picture area and he had plenty to say about the weather too:

I truly adored his paper. He included a cold front, a warm front, a weather balloon (he hopes to find one someday), a thermometer (one for the US and one for Australia) and various arrows like we saw on some of the weather maps. Should I be ashamed that I didn't tell him that both America & Australia have their very own television stations called The Weather Channel?

While Jayden isn't using the same book for his studies this week he did sit in on the weather video and book reading. I provided him with a paper to fill in too, which he wasn't at all keen on. He asked me to draw outlines of some things so he could fill them in and then I asked him to tell me just a couple of sentences about what we'd read. You can't see the back of his paper but he said, "I wouldn't want to be a weather person because I'd have to go to work three times a day and that would be very tiring." I don't know why, but that made me laugh.
We also happen to own some of the Science Scribe Weather notebooking papers. So, now that Morgan has a grasp of what makes weather happen and how come storms happen, he'll enjoy filling out the Thunderstorm paper from that set to go in his Arabella notebook whereas the weather paper will most likely land in his nature notebook. In the mean time, I think I know a little boy who will be getting some weather related goodies for his birthday.. 

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Diana said...

Thanks for the suggestion on the book! Sounds like something my son would love. I'll have to check our library for it!