Monday, January 31, 2011

TOS Ticket Winner

We've rounded up the names and selected a winner for The Old Schoolhouse Expo. I actually ended up cutting up the weather graph I'd just printed out too, whoops! Then, if you look closely, you'll see I wrapped one of the names up wrong, double whoops! It's been a long day, and a Monday no less. That's my excuse(s) anyway, and I'm sticking with it!

Despite all of that, we still had our handy dandy give-away, and thankfully pretty much all of you were sleeping so no one knew the difference that due to a wickedly naughty printer we had our drawing an hour later then we'd intended. Are you getting the picture of what kind of Monday we had around here yet?

My handy helpers drew a name out of the pot, all though there was a slight disagreement as to who would do it, and now I'm on the line to do another give-away super soon so the child who didn't get to draw the name can be the one to draw the next name. They really prefer those double drawing give-aways so they can both have a turn, and please excuse the terribly blurry picture.. you know, Monday and all that..

And the winner is Candace, all though my son was convince it was me. Really, he was. He pulled the name out and I'd stopped to move the dog out of my picture and I hear, "Mommy! Wow, MOM! You WON!" I thought he was still playing his made up checkers game until he waved the paper at me. Yeah, did I mention it was Monday around here? Anyway, hooray for Candace!


Anonymous said...

thanks so much! how fun to see my name! :) Can't wait for the conference, what a blessing!

Kayla said...

Darn didn't know I missed it -- was stopping by to enter! Ohh well congrats Candace!! XOXO