Monday, January 17, 2011

School Plans: Wombat Stew

We start with the very first day of our new school year today: Monday! There's been much excitement and rushing around as the last minute touches have been done.

Funny part? We were suppose to start Monday last week, but due to sunburn we put it off. I know, weird that we delayed the start of school all because of sunburn right? I suppose that's one of the many advantages and oddities of being a homeschooler. Sometimes, we go grocery shopping and consider it a field trip, home Ec, math, and life skills, so when I say "one of the many" oddities or advantages I'm serious!

Morgan's school plans are the same ones I listed earlier last week. Jayden will be doing a different unit study and the common theme for them both will be Australia. We'll be taking advantage of the flora and fauna much of the world enjoys oogling over in the zoo! Which means, our Nature Blog might finally get updates, that would be amazing. We'll also be learning about various Australian explorers, which we'll be having heaps of fun with!

Jayden's unit study is based on the book Wombat Stew. It's a free study put together by one of the many talented homeschooling mamma's over at homeschool share, and includes a free lapbook! Jayden is really excited about this because he has a real passion for wombats!  Needless to say, our camping trip was perfect timing for this upcoming unit.

Other fun things we have planned this week:

  • Brown Bag Book Club -- we're really excited about this idea. The idea is to pop up some popcorn and discuss our read aloud(s) and the book(s) we've used for our weekly unit study.  We will most likely do nothing more then chat about the parts we liked, our favorite characters, and the parts we didn't like. Original idea from here.
  • Place Value games -- We'll playing two different versions of this game: Delivery Dan Game & Spin-O. Both are games we've played before, but I want to refresh both boys in this area. We'll also be using some worksheets from Math Mammoth to go with it.
  • Cooking -- Both boys will be cooking dinner one day this week from the cookbooks that match their unit studies. Because Jayden's is a free unit study this week he'll be making Wombat Lamingtons & Sausage Rolls. He's mega excited because as he puts it, "GREAT!! Now I'll know how to make them whenever I get hungry!" 
  • Multiplication -- Morgan will be playing a variety of different Multiplication games while he reviews his 0, 1, 2, 10, & 5 families. We'll also be working on a multiplication racetrack to encourage his progress in learning his fact families. Morgan will also be working on making these fantastically fun multiplication booklets and flip charts which he's very excited about. As well as some fun multiplication cootie catches. Morgan adores cootie catchers!
  • Bang! -- This is just a simple game to play with the site words from our word wall. The idea is that we'll shuffle up the cards and mix in cards with the picture of a firecracker on them and the word Bang! written on it. The boys will take turns reading the site words and for each one they get correct they keep the card, but if they get a Bang! card they have to put all their cards back. Original idea from here & free printable. Note: we're using our own dolch word cards and just snagged the Bang! cards.
  • Animal Classification Wall -- I'm super excited about this myself, and the boys are full of curiosity because I was standing on the back of one of the recliners hanging up the classification headers. The idea is that as the kids learn about animals this year they'll also classify them. This will be great practice for Morgan and something completely new for Jayden. Original idea from here & free printable.
We're looking forward to a very fun filled first week back to school around here!


Tristan said...

Have a fun week back to school! Wombats are an animal we've not studied, I'll have to find the book at our library soon....

Kylie said...

Loving your plans and you have put together some fabulous ozzie units!

Twisted Cinderella said...

We are starting back to school tomorrow too. In our brand new homeschool classroom that I finished today.

Kendra said...

Tristan, it's a really fun book! :D

Kylie, thanks, but I must admit I'm using unit studies others have put together and I'm just adding on to it! ;)

Twisted C, Oo, it's always so much fun starting back especially when you have a special area all set up!