Monday, January 31, 2011

School Plans: Valentine Special

Both boys have officially wrapped up studies from last week so they're both moving onward. Morgan is embarking on a two week study with the book Arabella. We actually own an autographed copy of this book, but it appears it too is in America so we're subbing with a well loved copy from the library.

Morgan's excited about this book because it's written by one of his favorite authors, Wendy Orr. Both of my boys fell head over heels in love with the Nim's Island series and thus we've read or listened to them several times over.

As for Jayden he's embarking on some Valentine's Day fun for the week. The idea was originally to use the book The Valentine Bears with the free unit study offered by Homeschool Share. However, after going to print it out, I realized most of the ideas, while terrific, were a wee bit below him and in the end I rewrote some terrifically fun ideas for him this week and whipped up a quick lapbook to go with it.  To tie it all together we're going to be using the Download N Go Valentine's Day study as well.

Valentine's Day is a big deal to my guys because Mr S and I have always doted on them with a few fun gifts and very heart"y" ideas for meals. Even when my children were younger it was common for us to give them a small gift and their fun loving Aunt in America and grandparents use to send the balloons with a stuffed animal. The boys have very fond memories of all this and so the tradition lives on.

I do believe, though, that Jayden has only just started to consider all the traditions and how fun they are because if he's asked me once he's asked me a million times since the first of the year, "Mom, will we put our boxes outside our door again and wake up to find them filled up on Valentine's Day? Will you give me another chocolate and maybe a tiny little lego?"

I thought this quick study would be a really fun way for him to grasp other concepts of the holiday from the historical value to some Biblical truths about love. Will it all stick? Probably not because chances are he'll be up to his little eyeballs in making chocolate covered raisins and bear claws and wondering exactly what I may, or may not, leave in his little mailbox for him on Valentine's Day.

Notes: You can download the small lapbook here if you're interested & the lesson plans here. We'll be using the Download N Go for learning about the history of Valentine's Day. We snagged a couple of little booklets from over at HSS to go with our learning of bears.

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Angela said...

Thanks for sharing your lapbook! My little girl has been begging for more Valentine's Day things.