Sunday, January 23, 2011

School Plans: Madeline

Morgan is still plucking along with The Pumpkin Runner and enjoying it fully. Jayden, however, will be doing a study based on the book Madeline. He really loves this silly little story even though it's about a little girl. It's a tough call as to which he likes more, that which she says to the lions, of the fact that she went to hospital; presumably in an ambulance.

All though, when Jayden had the chance to ride to hospital in the ambulance he broke down into absolute tears and great heaving sobs that caused the medic to instruct him to close his eyes and not look at the icky wound. Little did the poor unsuspecting medic know that wounds don't frighten Jayden, they do however make Morgan pass out on the spot. So much so that Morgan not only had his eyes closed, but tripped over the other medic who was coming into our home. All in a days work around here..

I don't honestly have a lot planned for this book other then the simplistic lessons listed in the Five In A Row Manual. This will be a short school week for us which may find us dragging a few extra bits of our current studies into next week.

It's traditional for our family to throw a fun Australia Day bash and have family over. This year is no exception and the boys have been dutifully ticking down the days towards this holidays arrival. The boys also tend to go to the films the day after Australia Day with their Nana & often times a cousin as well. That's also on the menu this week.

We will be using the free lapbook provided by Homeschool Share, but I also own the Hands Of A Child lapbook for Madeline so we'll be using bits from there as well. I honestly think this might be one of their earlier lapbooks because, while it's got a few things in it, it's not honestly up to typical HOAC standards. That might just be my opinion though!

There will also be more reading of books about Australian Historical figures around here. The boys enjoyed two delightful books last week. One about Flinders & Bass, & the other about Burke & Wills. Both of the boys were a bit disappointed at the outcomes of all four explorers, and honestly who can blame them? The book about Burke & Wills was just like reading Fortunately, Unfortunately. As for George Bass, the boys have their own ideas as to where he might have vanished too..

Personally, I think Jayden's idea that a giant whale gave him a ride to an island and he was stuck there but loved it so much he decided not to leave it was quite enchanting and more endearing then Morgan's idea that he was most likely picked up by a pirate ship and enslaved. Heavens they do use their imaginations don't they?

I actually had some really fun math plans for Jayden involving a really cool clock, but due to our shortened week I've decided to put that off until next week and continue some addition work and sneak in some fractions by helping him make some Australian Cookies in time for Australia Day!

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