Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pumpkin Runner Notebook & Fun

Morgan finally wrapped up his studies with the book The Pumpkin Runner. We had a grand time, and will most likely still continue with a little bit of Australian history, but we've wrapped up our two week study this week.

Morgan enjoyed using Skype to call his Gram each day so she could read the book to him as our copy was in America. Jayden sat in for the first reading, but was usually busy doing other school until it became time for "show & tell" via the video camera.

Morgan used our ProClick to make his notebook this week, and we tucked a pocket in the back of it to hold a few bits and bobs that we couldn't bind into the actual spine of the book. He's still waiting on some pictures to be printed out to stick in there as well, but he's quite pleased with his new little notebook.

You might need to prepare yourself for this post because it'll probably be a picture overload as there are quite a few pages in his notebook. Mind you, I didn't take a photo of all of them, but we also have some fun pictures of our science experiments and printables.

Okay, so really, tell me you can look at that page and not grin or snicker. Have you seen the muscles on the man showing off? Or the tears streaming down the other fellows face? 

Mr S was ticked pink beyond belief to see this particular Aussie saying in Morgan's notebook. I'm talking laughing himself silly kinda excited! In case you can't read it, it says, "I hope your chooks turn to emus and kick your dunny down." Mr S saw that saying written on the whiteboard and said, "Oh-ho, what's this? Someone in trouble?" and I laughed and said, "Nope, that was Morgan's English lesson today." "I hope he wrote that in his notebook, that would be so funny!" "I can assure you he did write it in his notebook, and he found it just as funny as you did." "Very Awesome!" 

Okay, first off I haven't spent any amount of time teaching my children any form of biology.  My kids know basic body parts all though I have one who constantly thinks his elbows are his ankles, but that's another story all together. Morgan and I were sitting at the table today and I said, "You tell me what each bone is and I'll write it for you while you have your snack." He was delighted. He knew them all.  We get to the end and I said, "How on earth did you know all those bones?" He just shrugged at me. I can only presume it's from the body game they played on the computer when they were littler. It had this funny little skeleton man who asked them all sorts of biology type questions and they collected bones and what-not. All I know, is my 9 year old put me to shame, because I admit there were two of those bones I had to verify before I accepted his answers.

I was explaining muscles to Morgan and then had the boys each try pushing on the table in a different manner so they could see how muscles work. Then we printed this funny fellow out and put him together. It comes from an ebook I picked up recently in the Scholastic $1 sale. The book is awesome and we've all ready used a handful of the items in there and the boys are itching to get on with the rest.

This came from the same book and while it's clever it'll be difficult to store. I'd all ready had it printed out before I realized he knew all the common bone names, and the not so common names. Maybe I should put it up in the kitchen windowsill for my own educational purposes! 

We discussed bones as well as muscles and this fun little printable was really awesome so they could see inside a bone without, well you know, having to cut into a real bone! Ha, not that my kids would have minded. Morgan can't handle anything dead, the poor kid will literally run screaming and have a panic attack if he sees a dead bird on the beach, but show him a pile of bones and he's in complete awe!

The little bone could be made to grow into a longer bone! When Morgan showed this to Jayden and Mr S, Jayden was in awe demanding to know exactly how it had been done. I love it when they get excited about little things like that.

We filled out a few of these for some of our Aussie Explorers. The pages come from Homeschool Creations, but I think we'll be making our own for future use. These ones are nice, and they worked for us though!

We also worked on our timeline notebook more. Morgan really loves doing this because he likes drawing. Above are pictures he drew for Bass & Flinders as well as Burke & Wills. We've divided our Timeline Notebook into three sections: Australian History, American History, & World History. Each section has it's own drawings/times in it and in the pocket divider we keep a list of the books we've read for the section. It might warrant it's own post at a later time for more pictures/details.

We also enjoyed reading the book Hot Air The Mostly True Story. It's not the first time we read it, but we paid more attention to the historical value of it this go around. Morgan then decided to draw a picture of the three most important happenings from the story so we could add them to his timeline. The bottom picture might look like a scribble, but it's actually a hot air balloon on fire! 

I no sooner finished reading this book to them then they were making popcorn in an air popper. I was asked funny questions, but didn't put too much thought into it as I was trying to sort out the papers on our table before they added popcorn to the mix. Morgan finally comes over and says, "I don't get it. The man in the book made a box out of cloth and made it rise to the ceiling with hot air. I used a tea towel and a wash cloth and it did not rise with the hot air from the popcorn maker." 

Now he wants to build a cloth box and then try putting a small fire under it like the man in the book. He also has a couple of hot air balloon craft projects he's still working on, but then he's always working on a craft project! You'll have to wait for the science experiment pictures because I fear this picture overloaded post will be incredibly long as it is!

You can find the FREE notebooking pages HERE.


Phyllis said...

Very impressive notebook pages!

Kendra said...

Thanks Phyllis, Morgan was most pleased someone enjoyed them! ;)

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the ebook from scholastic? If you mentioned it I obviously missed it. Thank you.

Kendra said...

Anon, it's called Make & Learn Projects Human Body. I picked it up from Scholastic in their $1 Sale that year.

katie said...

I can't seem to find the link to your lapbook. Is there one?

Kendra said...

Katie, Yes there is, I'm not sure why on earth I didn't properly link it all those years ago! :) You can find it here: Although, rather than a lapbook it is an assortment of notebooking pages as were pictured above.