Saturday, January 15, 2011

Project 365: Week Two

Monday, Jan 10th -- Kinda, this picture is actually out of date. It was pouring rain on Monday and I was suffering from a really wicked case of Sunburn. The kind that made me feel hot and weak and in pain, a lot. I had to wait until 930 am for the shop to open so I could nip in and buy the biggest bottle of pure aloe they had.. but that has nothing to do with the picture. Mr Scarecrow is holding a weeping Jayden who'd been riding on a skateboard on his tummy. He then forgot what he was doing and sat on one end while the other end flew up and popped him right in the mouth! Poor kid. Thankfully both Mr S and I were out on the deck when it happened, but Jayden was in much pain and then very distressed that he might have hurt his new big boy tooth. 24 hours later a wiggly baby tooth fell out!

Tuesday, January 11 -- Smashed Garlic Roasted Potatoes for dinner. According to the men-folk in our home I don't make them often enough or enough at one time. Which is probably true on the former and not so much on the later, all though there are never leftovers. This is a slightly made up recipe from a book, but I didn't copy down and so I did my own thing. It works, they love it, and they are ever so tasty! For the record, I served this with our favorite garlic roasted chicken. I might, or might not, have a love for garlic..

Wednesday, January 12th -- Math Gnomes. I decided to whip up a set of them all though our Divide looks like a percentage on his hat and I was out of blue felt for Subtract and the material I did use was a real doozy to sew on. Oh well, the boys are all a twitter to find out what these five little fellows have to do with math. I made them to go along with a Roman Numeral story, other then that I have no major plans, at this point for them.. but more on that later..

Thursday, January 13th -- Another rainy day here, which made it easier to focus on getting geared up for our upcoming school year. I reorganized my filebox with all the books and lessons we'll be doing this year. And yes, there's a dry erase marker in the photo, but I can explain! I actually took a photo of this box on the 13th and tonight when I went to upload the photo it was corrupted!! So Mr S snapped another photo and didn't notice the marker laying in my basket! The long green thing which is tipping over in this photo (I promise it wasn't in the original!) is my Cutterpede with the perforating blade on it. The small spiral bound book in the back of the basket is actually a little book for holding cards. It's quite useful, but would be even better if it could stamp and address the cards so they made it in a timely fashion! The blurriness in the back of the photo is actually an empty plastic file box that fits in the back of a three-ring binder type notebook. I use those plastic envelopes to hold the boys notebooking or lapbooking pieces each week. Then I can easily move it around their workboxes without fear or things being lost or crumpled!

Friday, January 14th -- Bread Making. That's a complete sentence in this house, but then again so is the word: Bread. I make two loaves at a time from a new recipe I've been using and I swear I can't keep it in the house long enough. There's very little point even popping the "extra" loaf in the freezer these days. The picture of the bread isn't that great, but that's what happens when you're baking a million things at once, keeping an eye out for flash flooding, and wondering if the clean socks or the rain will last longer.

Saturday, January 15th -- Another blurry photo, ha! I was in a rush to take the photo before Jayden knew what I was up to and pulled a face. The boys were snapping the beans for our dinner. And yes, they use scissors and no I don't care one way or another as long as the job gets done. Yes, there's more bread on the counter, that's Lynn's 40 Minute Hamburger rolls. The pan atop the toaster is holding a Maple Pound Cake (called thus because it's sweetened with maple syrup) which I'll be using for that back to school cake I mentioned earlier. Those super funny hot mitts hanging up in the background were a present from my mother-in-law for my birthday which happened to fall shortly after our Close Encounter.


Edwena said...

Love your photos, Kendra!!! Could you type up a recipe for those potatoes and share? They look delicious, and I want them for dinner tonight. I can be more patient than that though :)

Kendra said...

lol Edwena! Yes, I'll post the recipe :)

cooperkelly4 said...

umm, and the bread recipe too? pretty please. =0)
hi Edwena!

Kendra said...

lol, Kelly, I posted the bread recipe on the HSS Forum! :D Here's a link!

cooperkelly4 said...

thanks Kendra. We have not done as many lapbooks this past year so I only pop on to HSS a little. Thanks for the link. =0)