Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365: Week Three

Sunday, January 16 -- After spending the entire day getting ready for the start of school, I tucked goodies in the empty flour sacks for the kids to discover the following morning. Their notebooks and goodie sacks were left at their seats at the kitchen table, the same place they find birthday presents! Funniest part was that the boys woke up in a stupor and just ambled around until I finally couldn't take the suspense and said, "PRESENTS!"

Monday, January 17 -- Back to school pizza night! In an effort to start some fun and fond back to school memories I made pizza in the middle (or beginning I suppose) of the week. We love homemade pizza around here, but it's usually a weekend dish. The above pizza is topped with chicken, pineapple, sweet red peppers, leeks, and mozzarella cheese. Jayden and I prefer our pizza topped this way. The other two had a "heart attack waiting to happen" pizza in the oven. Sausage, Bacon, Pepperoni (Mr S only, I do like Pepperoni, but it's an instant migraine trigger for me), Chicken, etc.

Tuesday, January 18 -- Footy!! Football season is closing in on us around here and Mr S and I are signed up for season tickets, and our gear arrived in the mail! This means, of course, only season tickets where the team actually bothers to come to little ol' Tassie to play. The boys are signed up as 2011 members too, but aren't so sure they want to go to a match. Jayden adores his Hawks, but he and I both have big issues with loud and constant noise. I may be taking a pair of earplugs with me. You'll have to watch for your own sightings of us during the games..

Wednesday, January 19 -- My Bible & current Bible Study plopped on the end of my bed. Yes, the picnic quilt is often tucked on the end of my bed, or the guest bed, or the couch, or.. It's well loved what can I say! Yes, my Bible is covered in scrapbooking paper. I wanted a new Bible for Easter and requested one, but what I wanted wasn't available at that time in our region so I picked out something considerably cheaper and I was worried the cover would fall off, so I brought it home and used this idea to cover it with some pretty paper. Then I handed it back to Mr S and he hid it for me to find on Easter Morning. Good times! For all those enquiring minds, it's this Bible.

Thursday, January 20 -- the boys and I went on our daily afternoon walk and while the boys were attempting to play inside of a fort someone built on the beach I snapped a picture of the clouds. Honestly, it was just a test to see how vivid the colors would be with my new camera, I have to say I was quite impressed.

Friday, January 21 -- Our beaches are a mess down here. While most of the world is aware that Queensland, and now other areas of the mainland, are being devastated by floods most of the world is unaware that parts of Tasmania were flooded as well. I'm talking main streets and bridges cutting towns off and the likes. Our library was flooded again as was much of our town. We, personally, weren't flooded but were kept exceptionally busy catching various leaks around the house as we were hammered for several hours with rain. The end result is that all sorts of unusual things are washing ashore on our beaches. Trees with their roots still intact, toilets (yes really), bits of boats, clapboards from homes, and so on. This is the "cubby house" the boys discovered on the beach where someone put some of the various logs to good use. We then tried our hands at making our own, but the boys quickly discovered that they couldn't move most of the logs and trees on the beach.

Saturday, January 22 -- Wondering what that is? It's my loverly foot after I dropped an entire 1 litre bottle of apple cider vinegar on it in the shower. (I use ac vinegar for conditioner and baking soda for shampoo.) You know the only thing worse then seeing a huge heavy glass bottle tumbling uncontrollably towards your foot while you scream and pray that none of the children come running in the bathroom, or the agonising pain of it colliding with your foot would be the fact that it happened on the foot attached to the leg withOUT knee problems. Come on, what's that all about? Once I calmed down enough to put my foot up, I was semi impressed it was a nifty little heart shape cut. Mr S was somewhere between rolling his eyes at my excitement over the heart and horror over what I'd done and annoyance that I was more upset over the fact that 3/4 of my new batch of ac vinegar had rolled down the drain. Now that it's over, I'm just praying I didn't break my foot..

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