Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: Week Four

Sunday, January 23 -- Mr S rounded the boys up and they ran out into the garden to wave a greeting to the farmer next door. Generally we only see him a couple of times a year and are much better acquainted with his sheep who stick their fuzzy little noses up to the fence every now and again. That is, until Buster attempts to herd them up...

Monday, January 24 -- Beach treasures. While walking on what little of the beach I could, it's a complete mess since the storms and floods, I found the empty white jar in the picture above. I carted it all the way down the beach and then back home again, much to the boys delight. They love seeing what treasures I find while I'm out walking. I placed it in my kitchen window sill (next to a jar of green sea glass) and popped our sea marble in it.

Tuesday, January 25 -- in my attempt to keep meals creative I served Jayden lion for breakfast. The original idea used a clementine orange, something we recently spotted for the very first time at our local grocery, but Jayden is on a strike against oranges (that was until he heard us all raving about how tasty the little clementines were) so I used peaches for the main and nose. Originally, I made it because I was thinking of the sentence in the Madeline Book where she's at the zoo.. yeah well that was a tiger not a lion.. whoopsie! Oh well, the boys enjoyed them all the same.

Wednesday, January 26 -- Australia Day! We were so caught up in a game of Quiddler followed by Aussie Pictionary that I'm not sure anyone took any other pictures of the festivities this year! It was a beautiful day filled with laughter and fun.

Thursday, January 27 -- After the trip to the movies and lunch out we took Nana up to the local scrapbooking/craft store. Once we were done in there the boys asked if we could hit the op-shop around the corner. I agreed. We spotted 5 of these bowls (different faces/colors on others without a quarter of their eye missing) and for a dollar I picked them up. We were in need of bowls anyway and I knew Mr S would laugh himself silly when he found these in the cupboards; I was right on both accounts.

Friday, January 28 -- It's not the greatest picture, but it captures Friday evenings in our home pretty well around here.  When Mr S gets in from town the boys usually clamber to play a few rounds of a racing video game with him, after that it's all about showing him everything they've done in their lapbooks for the week. In the above picture they've all ready admired two of Jayden's lapbooks and are now admiring Morgan's notebook. Why is Morgan wearing one sock, I know you're dying to find out, right? Yeah, well.. He cut his foot on a piece of glass and thus decided to wear a sock to keep the cut clean. Other then that, I got nothing..

Saturday, January 30 -- a knot on a tree down at the park. It's a huge old bumpy knot and an amazing tree. Perfect for laying under to read a book, except for one bits of gum bark fall on you or the seagulls get well acquainted with your presence.

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