Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Place Value Fun

This week we're playing with Place Value and Multiplication, just some basic stuff to help refresh the boys. In the past we've always played our old trusty Place Value Game, and we love it!

While looking through lots of our math games I stumbled upon Delivery Dan's Place Value Game and knew this was a perfect match-up for Jayden for the week. Jayden was delighted and has had a blast playing it.

Unfortunately, I don't own any base ten blocks so we've been using our unifix cubes linked together instead. They work, but base ten blocks are still on the wish list! Believe it or not I scored a huge basket of those unifix cubes for $1 shortly after we moved to this area from a local op shop. I was delighted because our other batch for them is still in storage in the US.

The idea is to start out with 40 packages in your truck. You can only put 10's in the back and 1's in the front. Then you move your playing piece around the game board and do as it says. There are pick up and drop off points all along the game board. The idea is to have the least amount of packages in your truck by the time you finish. I was completely thrashed by Jayden in this game today when I ended with 99 packages. He didn't fare too much better with his 79 though!

The upside of this game is that he can visualize what he's doing and I'm hearing lots and lots of 10's and one's from him. I like that. The downside is that there's no 100's in the truck, which means it's a rather simplistic game for Morgan, but he still gets a kick out of playing it with his little brother. I've considered making our own game board that would have much more stopping and starting and places for 100's and even 1,000's, but we'll have to see if that pans out or not.

We wrapped up playing this game with a few problems from the Math Mammoth Place Value 1 book. I'm not big on math workbooks, but I felt the need to add a bit more written work to our math classes this year. The idea is to help the boys see what they've learned in written action as much as in daily use. This is important because I have one who learns via touching and seeing and who can easily crack open a workbook and be fine.  As for this worksheet, it was the perfect wrap-up because the work is done exactly the same as we play it in the game. I only circle x amount of problems for them to do and then we move on to something else.

A Few Basic Other Place Value Resources:

Place Value Mystery for little ones
A Collection Of Math Lessons Book 1, Blue Book (excellent ideas and information in there)
Place Value Game for all ages
Place Value War, ages vary by cards used

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Edwena said...

Love seeing the math that you're doing with your boys. I'm really having fun with Gracie in our Math games as well. Thanks for being inspiring.