Monday, January 17, 2011

New Notebooks

To make the start of our new with a bang we left a few goodies on the table for the boys. Things like a couple of new outfits (they needed them), pencils, tape, & of course a new notebook each. I haven't actually purchased the boys new notebooks in a few years because with lapbooking we don't tend to need them very much, all though Morgan did start his Timeline Notebook last year.

This year I knew Morgan was going to need a notebook and that, of course, meant I'd need to get Jayden one. As it turned out I had two new notebooks laying around the house. One was in use, but I emptied it until I can pick up another. The thing is, the notebooks we have area always plain colored, and generally white. Why? Because I can't stand two prong notebooks! They really drive me nuts because I can never get all the papers lined up right so they are all hole punched int he exact same spot. Which means I did the only logical thing I could think of to do, I bought a three hole punch and some three-ring binders from the office supply store. 3-ring binders tend to be a tad boring.

With a little scrapbooking paper and some stickers though, we have some pretty nifty notebooks and some happy little boys!  I didn't tell my guys what I was up to, I simply pulled some of the chracter scrapbooking paper out and asked them what they liked best. Jayden picked Blue's Clues, and while he may be 7.5 he still gets a great kick out of Blue or Thomas every now and again. He preferred my Blue's paper which I found really funny because I stocked up on gobs of it after his 2nd birthday. This is what I still have which most likely is meant to be used with his 2nd birthday photos where we had a great big doggie party. And, by great big I mean like all four of us, two grandparents, and a couple of out of town cousins.. the only people he didn't break down into tears when he saw. But I digress..

After cutting the paper to size for the pockets on the exterior of the notebook I put fresh tab stickers on these very awesome pockets. I absolutely love these dividers because they hold a full size piece of paper that can be put in and out quite easily by little hands. I let Jayden help decorate them with the stickers and then he told me which divider he wanted labeled as what off my list of subjects he needed. Don't you just love Green Puppy? I'm not ashamed to admit we all still love a bit of Blue's Clues around here!

There was enough paper trimmed from the back to use on the spine which made me pretty happy! No more "which notebook is mine?" when it's on the shelf. Unfortunately, I'm not always so good slipping the pieces into the spine pocket, but Mr S seems to have the knack for getting it in without trouble!

Morgan chose some Car's paper and stickers I had, those cars are all stickers and the background was paper that I trimmed to fit. I was surprised, because Morgan is really letting go of things he dubs "little kid", but he actually chose this stuff over Spiderman. I think the difference was, the only Spiderman paper I had was spiderwebs and he really loves his color. Then again, he still very much enjoys this movie from time to time. When we moved here they watched this movie all most daily while we were house hunting. Have you ever seen the movie, Mr S and I can still quote the thing much to our horror.

I love this paper which is actually on the back of his notebook. Want another funny tidbit? This paper was all bought for Jayden's 4th birthday when we had a Car's Party complete with a double layer figure 8 cake. Best part? Jayden's favorite party that he still talks about was his 3rd birthday when we had a Thomas Train party. I really should dig out those photos to share. We made lots of trains out of cardboard boxes and everything. I'm getting off topic again though...

Pretty sure Mater might be his favorite character, but I think it's because he loves it when Mater says, "Dadgum!" Morgan put the stickers on his dividers and chose which divider was to be labeled what according to the list of subjects he needed his broken down into as well. Lots of fun for them on their first day back to school!

Morgan was pleased as punch to discover Guito on his spine, I'm pretty partial to that funny fellow myself! I was equally tickled pink that I got that spine cover in all by myself without losing my sanity while doing it. The only thing the boys enjoyed more then getting the notebooks was being able to file some papers in it today!


Butterfly said...

They're lovely, and just the inspiration I need for the folder I'm making cover inserts for, though this one is for me. Actually, Elijah DOES need one! Cool. Thanks for the ideas.

Where did you get the special dividers?

Kendra said...

The local office store.. My husband is picking up another pack of them tonight (hopefully) so I'll have the actual brand and name on them if he finds them! ;) It's not one of the bigger chain office stores, but I can't remember it's name either.. :/