Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

We kicked off our New Year's Eve celebration in style again with our countdown bags. We go from 2 pm until 10 pm; but by moving the clocks forward it appears as though we watch a four hour movie every year!

Our first bag directed us to go the local Cherry Farm and pick up a cherry ice cream each. A huge treat for us, as these ice creams are sugary. We also picked up a kilo of cherries while we were there, oogled over all the new goodies they have in the shop, and then enjoyed the nice warm weather in the newly landscaped garden. After that, we hit a local cafe for potato wedges as we hadn't had any lunch either. The kids were pretty wowed they got two treats in one day and we called it lunch.

At 3 (or slightly after as we weren't back home by the exact stroke), we colored in the New Year's baby and some diaper/nappy pins to play Stick the Pin on the Baby, which honestly has an odd and cruel ring to it, but we had gobs of fun. Yes, we always use a pillowcase for our blindfold, it works quite well! Mr S and I played too, but we were busy manning cameras and the kids had strict rules not to over spin Mommy because I was suffering a wicked migraine. We also made Happy New Year badges too; we laminated them and then taped a safety pin to the back. Easy Peasy.

At 4 the boys found empty comic books waiting to be filled in. They felt pressure coming up with a story and pictures right off the bat in order to fill in their books. It caused a minor melt down for one of them who was running on lack of sleep and too many carbs without enough protein to balance it out. Anyway, one child, can you guess who, decided to do an Indiana Jones theme. He managed half of this page because he spent a lot of time coming up with his story, and as you can tell from that last box there he wasn't concentrating too much on what he was writing.  So far the story says: "Indy was traveling over America. He got off the airplane and..." He did another page today and it was really cute and funny!

At 5 the guys and Nana played Jr Skip-bo, one of the new games from Christmas we hadn't had a chance to play yet. I was busy making a sponge cake that failed miserably! The guys, however, had a blast and managed two full rounds before the timer indicated we could open a new bag. At 6 we made pizzas (I had dough and toppings read for everyone to decorate their own), we also found New Year's Resolutions papers in our bag as well as a fun "Best Fun Of The Year" paper that we each filled out. The idea is to tuck them away and open them on New Year's Eve 2011.

At 7 we played Cranium Kabookii together on the Wii while the pizzas cooked, and at 8 we sat down to watch Diamond Dog.  Halfway through the movie I decorated our pathetic sponge cake, and popped grapes on straws. The grapes was fun and new, but it's a Spanish tradition to eat 12 grapes as quickly as you can at the stroke of 12. For every sweet grape you have a month of sweetness, for each sour grape a month of sour. I was out of bamboo skewers (save one) and had to thread them on straws. It was hard, but possible. Mr S hopped up about fifteen minutes before the movie ended and rolled clocks forward by two hours.

We opened our 12 am bag at 10:45 (reading 12:45 on our clocks) and dashed out the door with sparklers, matches, and our fizzy drinks and grapes. We loudly counted down before shouting out our joyous cries of Happy New Year! Then we quickly gobbled up grapes, most of felt that all but say one of our grapes were sweet, but poor Morgan started hacking and spitting a grape into the garden because he felt it was that horribly sour; clearly, he has one rough month ahead!  We had lots of fun with our sparklers before ushering children off to bed and retiring for the night ourselves.  Hope you all had a wonderfully marvellous time ringing in the new year!


cooperkelly4 said...

oh my goodness! I often wonder how you have the time to do every thing that you do!!!

Tracey said...

Looks super fun Kendra!