Monday, January 10, 2011

Bakers Beach Fun

Ever since our encounter with the Tasmanian Devil Jayden has been hoping to have a rematch with a wombat.  Which brought up the topic of going camping at Baker's Beach where wombats roam and have even been spotted in the daytime.

Baker's Beach is part of the Narawntapu National Park. It use to be the Aspestos National Park, but the name apparently didn't encourage people to visit it, so they changed the name to the Aboriginal name for the area. Unfortunately, most of us can't say the name so we've come up with all sorts of funny ways to remember how to say it properly.

Either way you say it, we decided to go camping down there for the weekend, and the boys were avidly keeping track of the date on their calendar. It was a really timely camping trip too because the boys will be studying various aspects of Australia and it's histories for their first two weeks back to school in honor of Australia day. So off we trundled this past Friday for a few days away in the bush.

Jayden begged to listen to Wombat Chronicles on the short trip from our house into the park. He then kept an avid watch for wombats, and other signs of wildlife, while we set up the tent and unpacked the car. Unfortunately, for him he didn't spot any and quickly decided to make friends with the children in the adjoining camp site who quickly informed him of the many wonders they'd spotted over their last two days. He was having so much fun playing with these kids his older cousins got a brake from having to play silly games like CopyCat.

We spotted our first wombat just before our very late tea the first evening. Mr S and I were walking across one of the bridges towards the barbecue area when I stopped and said, "Oh look a wombat!" Mr S, half starved looked in the wrong direction saying, "Where I don't see it?" Once he spotted it I was left, with a package of raw meat, to hold down the spotting until he returned with everyone else (we were camping with family) which wouldn't have been so bad, but I was near the Day Visitor centre so plenty of people rolling in to have an evening stroll while wombat seeking were spending more time gawking at me standing halfway between the barbecue area and the camp sites. Thankfully none of them asked me why I didn't continue on with my journey!

There were also potaroos a plenty! I've never seen them so bold as they were here. Normally it's roos who amble out and become quite curious and nosey as to what you are doing, but instead it was the potaroos and wallabies who were far more interested. I'm also pretty sure the mob of potaroos that lived in the bush near our camp site had slightly mixed up internal clocks as they seemed to wake up when we did and spent most of the day keeping an eye on us bounding at some points right onto our picnic blankets. Jayden was so taken by this entire idea that he would hold out his hand and mutter, "Here Honey, Honey!" Funnily enough the potaroos were quite taken and would come quite close to him; secretly Jayden was hoping to lure one into the tent to keep him company. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure if his big brother had woken up to a potaroo staring him down the whole of Tasmania would have heard the screams of horror!

This funny little fellow, was so smitten with our group that even playing a half dozen rousing rounds of Billionare didn't intimidate it. We looked up to find it sitting right next to Jayden staring him and his hot cross bun down. Fret not, he didn't feed it. We headed all signs stating that "Wildlife should remain wild."

Check out this wombat! As he barely glanced up at us we found ourselves laughing about Bush Rule #1 from the Wombat Chronicles:  If it doesn't bother you, leave it alone, or if it does bother, and is smaller then you, sit on it. We were hoping this wombat applied Bush Rule #2: At all times possible, sit down for a cuppa and a decent chat. Either way he wasn't at all put out by us watching him. Wombats seldom seem bothered by anything, all though we actually saw one running as it darted across the parking lot.

The Savannah that will be littered with various wildlife as dusk rolls in
We had really hoped to spot a baby wombat, possibly even one sticking it's little feet out of it's Mumma's pouch, but we didn't. We did, however, spot several wombat burrows near one set of barbecues and the boys spent a lot of time sitting outside of them hoping to spot a few wombats coming out. Despite the burrow looking effect in the above picture, it's not a burrow! This wombat was actually sitting just above the ledge where a small billabong ran below.

Check out the beach the night before we left. We went down for a sunset swim to cool off before retiring for the evening and were treated to an amazing sunset!  We were all so busy riding waves and playing in the sand during the daylight we never actually took any other picture of the beach, which is a total pity because it was a beautiful stretch too.

It was a beautiful weekend away,  that has been dubbed The Best weekend EVER; and there's all ready chatter about "next time", which we're eagerly anticipating!


schmobes said...

Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures! The pictures fascinated my kids. I now have to pull up some information about wombats, potaroos and wallabies so we can learn about these cute animals! What fun!

Love your blog, by the way!

Michelle said...

My kids loved the pics and the blog. We read it all. They want to go to Australia now!