Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Notebook

The boys aren't the only ones around here sporting new notebooks. I decked one up for myself to hold a variety of things that we use in our school time that don't fit in my planner and need to be "with us" instead of in the file box.

The paper on the front was from my scrapbooking stash, and the little tag on the front is a sticker from one of my all time favorite style of stickers. There are some really amazing stickers from this company that I have squirrelled away for various scrapbooking projects I never seem to have the time to attend to.

When not in use this nifty little notebook tucks into the back of my file box in the kitchen. Makes for easily snatching it when I need it. The only thing it's actually missing is a bit of blank school paper. I have a few pads of it laying around and I keep meaning to stick one in there, but truthfully I often jot notes down in my planner.

There's enough room to stash my planner inside too, but that's because my bigger spines still haven't shown up.. And yes, thanks for noticing, that is a three-ring binder! I'm pretty hardset on having three ring binders instead of two ring binders around here. Old habits die hard and all that stuff. Those plain Aussie animals are for Jayden to decorate for various art projects, and the animals behind it are part of our Animal Classification wall (pictures and more details coming soon!)

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough alphabet paper to cover the back so I used something with the same colors. That's not a blurry photo, the plastic pocket on the back of the notebook is all squiggled up for some odd reason. It still works properly, even if it looks funny in the photo!

I snapped a photo of the plastic pockets I mentioned before. See the rectangle of velcro, that's the side you can slip papers in and out of and it's prepunched so it fits neatly in your notebook. I really love these things. I can put them in the workboxes, my file box, or my notebook with no effort or fear that papers will get smooshed or lost! I really love it.


Dianna said...

I love your notebooks. They are so cute.

Angela Rose said...

Love your notebook and your planner looks awesome!

Tracey said...

Kendra, you are sooooo neat!

Kendra said...

Aww, thanks ladies you made me smile. :D