Sunday, January 2, 2011

Another Homemade Planner

There's been a lot of planning happening around here lately, what with the new year upon us and all. I thought it would be fun to have a new planner to welcome the new year in with, and so for the past several weeks I've been working on one.

I'm sure, by now, you're all ready aware that I have serious planning issues. As in, I like to plan! This year the boys will be on different levels with so much of their schooling that I've been working double time around here to make sure that I'm covered in that area.

It was extra fun, aside from the printer hating my Macbook, to print out this cool new planner and assemble it. Especially since I got to use my super awesome and totally cool perforator. In my opinion, everyone should have a perforator because they are just so much fun to use! Why would I need this for my planner? Because this year I'm tucking in a shopping and menu planning page so that as I stumble upon recipes or children and husband request certain meals I can slap them in my upcoming menu and not say "Oh I'm so sorry! I completely forgot!" Plus, did you know that with the Five In A Row curriculum you get lots of fun recipes to go with each of the books? It's nice to be able to mark those straight on the menu as I'm planning out our lessons. The only thing is, I didn't want to open and close the binding on my book each week; instead I perforated the menu/shopping page and can just tear it out. Super fun!

I thought I'd share some fun sneak peaks of the planner which will be available later this month, but that's a whole different, and very exciting story, I'll share later! Above is the cover, the weekly "to do" page and a glimpse of the address page. My eldest adores those keys, and honestly I'm with him on that. Shouldn't everyone have an old fashioned key somewhere in their house? We think so.

This pdf was so big I had to break it down into smaller ones. So the pages above are in the group entitled Home Helpers. There's four different menu plans (they each have a different picture at the top), 4 different shopping lists (differing pictures), and 4 New Recipe Cards (different picture/colors). I print my shopping list on the back/front side of the Weekly Menu Plan and that's the page I've been perforating in my planner.

These are part of the Extra Planning Page pack and they are all pages for planning out your own unit study. The school bus cracked me up and I used it for our Field Trip area. Just don't tell my kids I made these pages or they'll tell me I have no excuse not to get moving with their Detective/Mystery Unit study they're dying to do! You know, after they tackle the ocean study, Civil War study, and a half dozen other requests they put in. My kids aren't the only kids who request actual school studies, are they?

The Weekly Lesson page hasn't changed much, but there are four of those too, each with a different cutie at the top. I did change up our Library List this year because I tend to put a lot of books on hold that come in from all over the state. I needed to be able to add some extra notes about stuff, and I wanted a place to make notes about books from own personal library. The middle paper is completely new. I've had a lot of fun making lapbooks for the boys this year, and I wanted a place in my planner to sketch them out and make notes about them. Honestly, I'm not much of a drawer, but I do like sketching these things out first. There's a page that gets printed on the back of it for more note taking with the lapbooking page.

Remember the Homeschool Journal we started using last year? Well, I made some with matching graphics for this year. Matching, as in they match the Weekly Homeschool Planner page. Much fun! There's four different sets of those to match the four different graphics on the planner page too. Because this year I need two weekly planning pages per week (boys doing so much at different levels this year) I also made a fun page to stick a couple of photos in my planner each week! Super fun. I'll have to share photos of my planner opened up once my bigger binding spines come in.

Right now I'm using the normal binding spines for small things, and it can barely hold 8 weeks worth of school plans in there. It's a tight fit and turning the pages is rough because I'm worried about ripping them. I can't wait for the mailman to arrive with my bigger binders!


cooperkelly4 said...

Kendra these are wonderful. Don't ya love when a plan (or in this case, planner) comes together. =0)

Tracey said...

Great looking planner Kendra!

Debbie said...

This looks so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your planner looks wonderful. Do you offer it for others to print?

Looks like it would be a wonderful resource.

Heritage of Home said...

These planner pages are adorable! I can't wait to see them printed out on paper and used!!!

I have been enjoying your silleotte planner! It is blessing my heart and my homeschool!

I have been making my own planner for years with microsoftword. And now that my twin daughters are doing more school(1st grade), and the other 4 children are doing S.O.S.(switched on schoolhouse)on their computers, I really wanted and needed some sweet planner for my twin girls. And I looked and looked and looked some more and couldn't find any cute, sweet and lovely usable planners, especially not for FREE! So I stopped looking. And there you were. I was just perusing your recipes, and the planner came up. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!