Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 Calendars

Wondering why we don't have a New Year's Day tradition of pulling out new calendars? We do that on New Year's Eve just after we scream in the New Year. You see, it's a tradition for my husband's family to give out calendars each year, and we keep the tradition alive by giving the boys each their own calendar. Morgan has been getting a Memory Verse Calendar for several years, and this year Jayden officially got his own Veggie Tale Calendar. We use them for learning days of the week, months of the year, etc. 

It's also traditional for Mr S to get a calendar each year, an Australian Weather one to be exact. Not to mention our annual Bible Tails calendar which we just can't seem to live without! Sad, but oh so true. It's really worth it, and I like the new way they've tucked the Bible verses into it this year. My mother-in-law always scores me another free calendar from her local Chemist, and then my sister-in-law often gives me another calendar. This year Mr S bought me a lovely scrapbooking calendar where each day you get a scrapbooking component (pictured above). So all up this year we have 8 calendars, and no that's not a misprint! 

Now, in defence of some of these calendars they are pretty cool. I've shared about our Bible Tails calendar before, and there's great ceremonies when we flip over to a new month. Everyone gathers around and silently reads off what's happening before laughter erupts. All though, on occasion a little voice will pipe up with, "I don't get it!" I don't normally flip ahead in my calendars, but the calendar flopped open to this one when I hung it up and I couldn't stop laughing! Seriously, I think Mr S and I might cry if we didn't get this one each year!

Mr S has been getting this calendar from his parents longer then I've known him, and the one year they offered to get him something else he told them off! Even while we lived in America the ever knowing tube would arrive at our front door each Christmas. Our children now see the long tubular mailing package all wrapped up under Nana's tree and shout, "Oh, Daddy you're getting a calendar again!" I'm pretty sure one year Nana will scare him and wrap it up in something different, and Mr S won't really care as long as he still gets his lovely calendar. Really though, there are some amazing photos in this calendar and there's always tidbits on the flip side about the weather in the photo. 

This is Jayden's first official year getting a calendar, I dunno maybe it's like that obligatory present you can only get once you read a specific age. Either way, he got one this year and I picked out Veggie Tales for him. He really loves his Veggie Tales and I knew he'd love this calendar. For the record, he did have a calendar last year too, it was his favorite footy team, but it wasn't a Christmas present. It arrived when Daddy's season tickets arrived. 

Morgan's been getting this Memory Verse Bible Calendar from out by the Bible Society for a few years now. I first discovered it at a local Christian book store for $4. This year they were only $2 or $3, and he loves them. It comes with a memory verse to work on each week, a craft or puzzle, and lots of little tidbits. Because it's Australian it also has the Australian holidays on it, which is nice because most of our calendars tend to be published in America so they don't have those on them. (ie. Veggie Tales, Bible Tails, etc.) And for the record, all those birds in the top picture are birds we typically see each day. Yes, even the budgeree/parakeet. I had one land on my laundry while I was hanging it up a few months back. That was pretty bold, and I'm also pretty sure it was someone's pet. When Mr S stuck his finger out for the bird to climb onto though, it flew away...

Check out all the goodies on the bottom of his calendar, it's like that each month! Sometimes he has to wait until the end of the year to cash in on it. Like last year's had a puzzle to cut out in October or November that he couldn't wait for the end of the year to "do", and then he promptly pulled it down and chucked it out before I had a moment to remind him. Luckily it was salvageable! I really love this calendar for him and might end up getting each of them one next year, but we'll see. It's equally fun for them to have their own "kind".

As for the other calendars, they are all equally fun too, but I don't have photos of each of them. I bet you're wondering now where on earth we stash all these calendars aren't you? Ha! They all have their own spots. The Bible Tails calendar is hung in the kitchen in the central hub area; microwave, phone, etc. Morgan's is hung under that at his level. Jayden's is also in our kitchen, but it's on the other side of the room near our pantry right at his own level. 

Mr S's weather calendar is generally in the home office, but he didn't use it for those purposes much last year as he was busy working in the office of a client. So this year I hung his weather calendar in our bedroom so he'd get more use out of it. The one my sister-in-law gave me is really neat because it can sit on a desk and once the year is over I can flip back through it with just a picture and Bible verse; it's currently sitting on the downstairs computer desk..

The freebie from the chemist is in the library/guest room where it gets less use, but we do see it and someone always seems to remember to flip it over. The scrapbooking a day calendar now sits on the kitchen bench which use to be a breakfast bar until someone put a bookcase under the ledge where stools should go (no we didn't do it, we just got the house like that, and book cases are needed a lot more around here then stools!) So that leaves one calendar left, which is from a client dh built a webpage for. It's actually quite a spiffy little calendar that works with the case to a cd. I'll have to snap a photo of it one day because I'd probably do it a disservice to explain it. It'll go on the upstairs computer desk. 

I think our family has proven that one can never have too many calendars, which leaves me with just one thought.. How many calendars did your family receive over the holidays?

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